Jacoby Brissett on if he got away with grounding: I’m going off what ref says


Did he or didn’t he?

Panthers coach Matt Rhule argued Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett committed intentional grounding by not immediately spiking the ball late in Sunday’s game. Brissett pumped the ball toward the ground and took a step back before spiking the ball to kill the clock with 13 seconds left.

Officials threw a flag but picked it up.

Instead of a 10-second runoff and a 10-yard penalty, kicker Cade York made a go-ahead, 58-yard field goal on fourth-and-one to give the Browns a 26-24 lead with eight seconds remaining.

What happened?” Brissett said Wednesday when asked if he got away with something, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “I’m going off what the ref says.”

The end-zone angle of the play appears to confirm officials should have penalized the Browns.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski conceded a gray area.

“I think Jacoby knew what he was trying to do,” he said, “and I think the officials ruled what they ruled.”

7 responses to “Jacoby Brissett on if he got away with grounding: I’m going off what ref says

  1. Personally, I think a pump fake negates a spike and I can foresee the refs getting a note from the league on this moving forward.

  2. Haha. Good for you Brissett. He’s a class act. He can admit it without admitting it, like he did there. What did you want him to say lol ? Ironic he’s on the browns cuz the NFL could use more quality qbs and men like him.

  3. So the refs prevented Cade York from breaking Justin Tucker’s record with a 68 yard field goal because that kick would have been good from 70 yds. Can we move on now?

  4. Not sure why the awkward spike is an issue. The “nothing the passer” call is the hill Browns haters should die on. Although there was an earlier “nothing the passer” call against Cleveland when Mayfield was tackled and the Browns player finished the tackle on Mayfield. Can we agree that “nothing the passer” needs reviewed? Just saying.

  5. Just a weird play. The ref basically said on the microphone, that he faked it, then spiked it, then said no penalty? Can’t have it both ways! Seems like the FG would have been good from 68 yards regardless. I guess we’ll never know.

  6. If you said it was… you’re right. If you said it wasn’t… you’re also right. In that situation whatever the ref calls is what you have to go with as it was a judgement call. Either you thought he simulated a play and it was intentional grounding or you thought he had a brain fart and was going to kneel down then realized his error and the motion was him correcting it and you give him the benefit of the doubt. The refs assumed the latter.

    A lot of the complained calls in this game are people reaching but that’s how you know it’s NFL season. Both teams earned every penalty they got or didn’t get.

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