Kyler Murray: Every game matters, but you’ve got to get over it

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals got rocked by the Chiefs in their season opener. But at this point in the week, they’re well into turning the page toward Las Vegas.

That’s something quarterback Kyler Murray has gotten better at as he’s gained more experience in the league. While Murray can often be frustrated postgame even after a win if things don’t go exactly right, the quarterback said he had to modify the way he responded.

“There is a fine line in taking what happened and taking the experience and using that to get better next week,” Murray said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website. “Coaching guys. Where did we mess up? Where can I get better? What was he thinking, what was I thinking? And grow that way.

“Every game matters to me, but you can’t just be down in the dumps. You’ve got to get over it.”

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury said Murray has improved in talking through things instead of “just getting mad.”

“He’s pulling guys aside and not just getting mad, saying, ‘This is what I was expecting and this is why I was mad.’ That’s a big step,” Kingsbury said. “As a young player, he had to come in without training wheels and we threw him in and he had to figure it out.”

Murray has made that progress. But the Cardinals need that to translate into a better on-field performance in Week Two after the poor result against Kansas City.

6 responses to “Kyler Murray: Every game matters, but you’ve got to get over it

  1. Murray wasn’t the biggest problem. The Cardinal defense was horrible. They couldn’t stop KC. They allowed 6 touchdowns and 488 yards of offense. It’s almost as if the Cardinals defense wasn’t even on the field.

  2. I don’t care what any of the haters say Murray is legit. But he can’t block for himself or play defense. Last year when Cards were 7-0 and then 9-2 they were all healthy and Murray was lighting up the league and an MVP candidate. But the kid can’t do it alone. How did Aaron Rogers look with no real WR’s last weekend.

  3. Defensive coordinators across the league have completely figured Murray out. He cannot handle pressure or see the middle of the field so on any passing down, you will stop him by blitzing, assigning a spy, and dropping all the rest of the LBs and DBs into zone coverage along the sidelines.

  4. The reason teams pay huge contracts to superstars is because they’re goal is to win the super bowl. The Rams have acquired several HOF players, and they won the super bowl. Take away Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp, and the Rams probably don’t win anything. The Cardinals have been playing without two first ballot HOF players. J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins. The Cardinals aren’t coming out every day and complaining about that and using it as an excuse. They’re giving us credit for being intelligent enough to figure it out. I’d say they’re giving us way too much credit. We’re not that smart.

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