NFL officially removes Stephen Ross from four committees

NFL: NOV 21 Dolphins at Jets
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The various penalties imposed last month on Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton included the removal of Ross from any league committees on which he serves, indefinitely.

That has now become tangible, with most of his spots being filled.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports that a new list of assignments, with Ross gone from the four committees on which he had served.

Jets owner Woody Johnson replaces Ross on the finance committee. (Ross, by the way, tried to buy the Jets when Johnson purchased the team.) Elizabeth Blackburn, the 29-year-old granddaughter of Bengals owner Mike Brown, replaces Ross on the international committee. Raiders president Sandra Douglass Morgan replaces Ross on the sports betting committee.

Ross was not replaced on the league’s owned-and-operated media committee.

Ross also was suspended through October 17, and the league fined him $1.5 million. Ross may not attend any league meetings until March 2023. Also, the Dolphins lost a first-round pick in 2023 and a third-round pick in 2024.

4 responses to “NFL officially removes Stephen Ross from four committees

  1. “As your punishment, you are not allowed to go to meetings”

    How do I get that punishment?

  2. 1.5 mill? To a pretty much billionaire? Hell, I think even Mark Davis could manage that. A single 1st round pick equals a pick that didn’t pan out. Most likely some 1st round talent slips n BOOM they got a value pick. If it’s “punishment” then let’s see them get something that’ll scare others off from doing the same

  3. So stupid. Such a sham. The crap he participated in happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR. They just dont like the guy. Bias.

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