Pete Carroll doesn’t have much to say about Jamal Adams

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After Seahawks safety Jamal Adams suffered a knee injury on Monday night, coach Pete Carroll said it was “serious.” On Wednesday, Carroll isn’t saying much at all.

“He got injured,” Carroll said when asked how Adams is doing.

Will he be placed on injured reserve for the supposedly “serious” injury?

“I’m not sure how that is going to go at this point,” Carroll said.

He added that Adams has injured a “quadricep tendon,” and that it’s “something that I don’t know much
about yet.”

Carroll previously said that Adams will need some work on the knee. Does that mean surgery?

“He’s getting all of the information he can right now to make sure that he knows what’s next from our guys and other people as well,” Carroll said. “We have the time to do it, so he’s going to take the time to do it right and get his mind really clear on what is the next step.”

Carroll explained that Adams is frustrated by the situation.

“It means so much to him,” Carroll said. “The frustration of having to go through not being healthy just jumped at him again. He’s questioning and wondering because he wants to be out here so much. He wants to be with the guys and doing what we do in every way you could possibly want to do that.”

It’s hard to tell whether Seahawks fans should be optimistic, because Carroll didn’t really tell us anything. Time will tell when and if Adams will be back, sooner than later.

10 responses to “Pete Carroll doesn’t have much to say about Jamal Adams

  1. It’s a shame when a talented player’s career is impacted so heavily by injuries but Adams runs his mouth so much that it’s hard to feel too sorry for him.

  2. Would this be a bad time to trade him back to the Jets? Lol… two #1’s… I think the worst trade in Hawks history.

  3. WHat a disaster. It’s a good thing they fleeced the Donkeys for WIlson, but this only offsets the blunder, assuming they hit.

  4. Overrated, injury-prone and chronically disgruntled is no way to go through life, Jamal.

  5. Get him healthy, cash him out and move forward without him. Adams has not had the impact the Seahawks were looking for.

  6. I think the worst trade in Hawks history.

    I’d still say Jimmy Graham

    Traded for an elite talent, stubbornly tried to change him into something he wasn’t
    In a Title window
    AND gave up the anchor on their line, as well as a high pick

    .. doubling down on Adams with that monster contract is just incomprehensible though! Fireable offense.

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