Report: Joe Flacco will start for Jets this week

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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After the Jets lost 24-9 to the Ravens in their season opener, Jets head coach Robert Saleh was asked about fans at MetLife Stadium chanting for Mike White to replace Joe Flacco as the team’s quarterback.

Saleh said that Flacco would “more than likely” remain the team’s starter against the Browns in Week Two, but added that “everything’s always under discussion and under review.” The last few days have not changed his mind about going with Flacco.

Rich Cimini of ESPN reports that the Jets will stick with the veteran as they continue to wait for Zach Wilson to be cleared to return from his knee injury.

Flacco was 37-of-59 for 307 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the loss.

9 responses to “Report: Joe Flacco will start for Jets this week

  1. Numbers boosted by garbage time. Hard to tell if the bigger problem was Flacco’s play or the OL’s. Just seemed like both were awful.

  2. Joe Flacco can’t move but o-line was terrible especially the left side with the highly paid Fant and Tomlinson..I still like Gm Joe Thomas but he had struck out more on the oline than Joey Gallo

  3. The Jets Oline was also dreadful, but Flacco wasn’t NFL backup level on Sunday, he was pathetic.

    They are forfeiting this game if he starts.

    That will get the GM and the HC fired. So Salah isn’t helping himself.

    The Jets spent around 6MM on backups, which should get a premium backup. Instead they got zilch. This will cost the team a loss or two. Really poor move by Joe Douglass, along with bungling the Kicker and Punter for 3 years in a row.

  4. More Joe Flacco! Said no Jets fans ever. If the O-line is not giving protection, put in a passer that can counter that by running; ie Mike White

  5. Don’t want to overreact BUT.I don’t thnk Saleh and his OC have a clue about offensive football ..I thnk Lamarcus Joyner must have incriminating photos of GM bc why else would he be on the team ..he runs like he is stuck n the mud ..and he had tons of missed assignments..Tampa obviously let Whitehead go bc he can’t cover..Tomlinson was terrible n the playoffs and that’s wh San Francisco let him go ..The tight ends seemedlike they were overmatched against a real defense..on a positive note the rookies looks great (except Breece Hall) ..the coaches and GM seem to stick with their favorites and after another horrendous season this stubbornness will cost the coach and probably the Gm their jobs

  6. Watching his game last week what he does well is scan the field..but he’s so slow it looks like he’s moving in quick sand lol hate to say it but he’s moving a lot like big Ben in his last year it ain’t pretty

  7. Flacco gives then the best chance to win The 0=line however gives them the best chance to lose. The guys 38 even Zach Wilson would be getting killed back there running for his life after 3 seconds.

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