Russell Wilson on fourth-down decision: I was calling a play, and we were ready to go

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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Russell Wilson had a fourth-down pass play he was ready to call when Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett decided he wanted to attempt a 64-yard field goal.

“I was prepared to, but he then said, ‘OK, the clock’s going down. We believe we can make the field goal here,'” Wilson said, via video from the team. “But always prepared.”

Trailing 17-16, the Broncos faced third-and-14 at their own 45 with 1:11 remaining. Wilson hit running back Javonte Williams, who ran for 9 yards to the Seattle 46. That was Hackett’s pre-determined line to send out Brandon McManus, even though the kicker has only one field goal of over 60 yards in his career.

The Broncos let the clock run down before calling a timeout with 20 seconds left, and McManus missed.

Wilson was asked if he agrees with Hackett’s (kind of, sort of) second guess of himself. (“Looking back at it, we definitely should have gone for it,” Hackett said Tuesday before couching it.)

“Listen. . . I think . . . uh . . . yeah,” Wilson said. “I mean, I think anytime you get the chance to try to win the game and solidify it and try to make a play. . . . I always believe in having the ball and everything else, but also we’ve got a great kicker, and we’re going to believe in our kicker again. I also trust his decisions and everything else, but I’m also always ready to go try to do it if we need to.”

Wilson wouldn’t reveal the play call that was never called, other than to confirm it was a passing play. He wanted to go.

“Yeah, for sure,” Wilson said. “I was at the line of scrimmage ready to go for it, too. I was calling a play, and we were ready to go. But that’s what we decided, and we went with it. We missed by, I don’t know, a yard maybe, a half a yard.”

It doesn’t really matter how far McManus missed the kick. He missed. The Broncos lost. And kicking the field goal wasn’t the right decision even if McManus had made it. Denver backed up the Brink’s truck to acquire Wilson and sign him to a long-term deal, and they took the ball out of his hands when it mattered most.

43 responses to “Russell Wilson on fourth-down decision: I was calling a play, and we were ready to go

  1. Peter Caroll must have loved the call. Shows he isn’t the only one who can make a totally nonsensical and game losing call!

  2. Literally doesn’t make any sense as an explanation for what all of us saw clear as day.

  3. BB stole your lunch back in ’15 and you’ve gotten chubby, you developed a Brady Diva Ego, and here we are.

  4. Hackett just took a major hit with Wilson”s entourage. Denver peeps, here’s a phrase you should get comfy with: “Wilson’s representatives are seething.” He’ll be syrupy corny team-centric while the cameras roll and then rip the team apart in the locker room and private meetings with his people.

  5. After the first game in a completely brand new situation,
    Wilson already has to dodge questions because of the cluster his head coach stepped knee-deep into.

  6. He should’ve told the media an obvious lie about what the play was. A double reverse, flea flicker, wide receiver pass to the end zone.

  7. Hackett is bush league, calling those 2 timeouts after they missed the field goal, embarrassing.

  8. Russ so positive and upbeat. He still loves the ball he threw that got picked in the end zone and lost the super bowl to the patriots. Loved it, would do it again in a heartbeat. Danger Russ leading the Broncos nowhere.

  9. In the over/under prop bets, who took under 2 games for the time it was take RW to throw his coach under the bus?

  10. One game and its already imploding how long before Russ wants out? Good thing they already signed him to another long term deal right?

  11. Hackett should get fired for the last 90 seconds of that game. How on earth can the players trust their coach when he makes terrible decisions like that? By week 6 Russ will be calling his own plays and the team will fall apart.

  12. Could you imagine Tony Dungey or John fox tell Peyton hey we gonna kick it yeah me either

    You might be on to something there.

    Hackett coached under a guy who took the ball out of Rodgers hands with a Super Bowl trip on the line.

  13. Hackett was shook. He didn’t plan for this to be the late game decision against a rebuilt Seahawks. Welcome to the big leagues coach

  14. Seahawks fan here. I’m glad the Broncos missed the field goal, but even I was “WTF?” at them not going for it on 4th down.

  15. Notice how Wilson has moved from it was the plan, to it wasn’t a bad call by the coach, to “I was ready to go for it but he wouldn’t let me”.

    This is how passive aggressive diva’s operate.

    “I did everything right but some didn’t”.

  16. Surprised Wilson didn’t take control of the situation when he knew it would take a 64 yard kick

  17. 4th and 5 with under a minute, you either have a hurry up play ready and run it before they have time to set, or you call a timeout and discuss it.
    i want to say these two are making excuses to keep both their jobs

  18. wilson gets the best of both world as he get to tell everyone he was going for it with the now hindsight assumption he was automatically going to make it. Which was no guarantee the wau he played the other night btw

  19. They had a time out and like 40 seconds and let all the time drain. Could’ve thrown one more pass, Time out, easier kick.

  20. No disrespect to Wilson or anybody else, but boy, what a bad idea to throw a bunch of high draft picks for top paid QB whose salary makes it harder to surround him with talent. Not a great team building move.

  21. Russ is correct. Master of chuck it up for Pass Interference had a better chance then the long enough, just wide field goal attempt.

  22. Didn’t anyone else see this coming? Everyone got all worked up cause Russell was coming to town. They all thought they were going to get Superbowl Russell but they got the equivalent of Mustang GT that actually had 100,000 miles on it, with some stains on the seat and leaking transmission. Oh and they were also told that they had a stacked roster, when you haven’t had a winning record since 2015 you’re not one QB away from the big game

  23. Charean Williams last sentence is spot on. They backed up the Brinks truck to pay RW and then took the ball out of his hands. Couldn’t have said it better. Very similar to what the Packers did with their best quarterback, who was stuck in zone coverage on the opposite side of the field while the Vikings best wide receiver ran rampant all afternoon long.

  24. All the media hype about Denver should be questioned when they lose to the Seahawks no matter if it’s week one or not. Broncos country lets ride…LOL

  25. Coach Carroll is quite the politician. Notice he stirred the pot to give fans tacit approval to boo Russell. Then he was surprised by the clock management & move to remove Russ to try the FG kick. Finally, he left it up to everyone else to determine why this win meant so much to all the former players he brought into be on the game’s sideline. All of this guiding was directly targeting Russell without getting his hands dirty. Well done, Sir.

  26. Hackett is in over his head. He is not ready to be the coach of this team. This is Josh M. revisited.

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