Alabama had 58 players on NFL rosters in Week 1

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Alabama continues to produce NFL talent like no other college program.

NFL Week One rosters had 58 players from Alabama, more than any other school. This is the sixth consecutive season that Alabama has had the most players in the NFL of any program.

Nick Saban has recruited and developed talent to an unprecedented degree during his tenure as Alabama’s coach, which has resulted not only in six national championships but also in NFL rosters loaded with Alabama players. The NFL has 14 defensive backs from Alabama, 10 defensive tackles and six running backs, all the most of any college.

LSU and Ohio State each had 52 players on Week One rosters, tying for second place. Georgia was next with 44, followed by Notre Dame with 37, Penn State with 35 and Florida and Michigan with 33 each.

15 responses to “Alabama had 58 players on NFL rosters in Week 1

  1. Imagine how different the entire football world would be / have been if Saban was able to sign Brees when he was with the Dolphins.

  2. But only 2 of them were QBs. So based on this generalized info does that mean Saban can’t produce QBs? You can make the argument that are more of X manufacturers cars on the road so they most be the best. That’s not necessarily true they just may be the most affordable.

  3. And despite all of them, the front runner for MVP this year went to Wyoming. Arguably, the best WR in the NFL – Eastern Washington & the best defensive player ever – Pitt. Don’t put all of your eggs in one program – keep looking scouts, & players, keep grinding if you want it!

  4. Alabama is the reason I don’t care that much about college football (that and the fact that my own alma mater is always bad)… It’s just boring, there’s no drama. It’s every year the same thing – who will be the team to meet Alabama in the title game? will it be Ohio State, LSU, Clemson or Georgia? This is all college football has really boiled down too for the past 10 years it seems.

  5. of course alabama has a ton of guys on nfl rosters. every recruit worth a damn wants to go there. the team is stacked every year. probably boosters paying under the table for those guys. maybe o er the next few years the nil stuff will even out the playing field and alabama will have to work for their wins just like every other team

  6. Beendaupe says:
    September 15, 2022 at 10:50 am

    How many teams have no Alabama players on their roster?


    Just Buffalo, KC and San Fran.

  7. Unfortunately, the disparity is going to get worse in NCAA now that players can get paid and the transfer portal is like a no rules free agency. So we will only see the same 6 or so teams getting the top HS talent. All I can say as a fan of the game is thank God for Marshall and App State for keeping it real. Saban and Parcells literally set the Dolphins back a decade. Before that they were the winningest team in all of Pro Sports.

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