Bobby Wagner: Seattle fans gave Russell Wilson the reception of an opposing QB

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks drafted linebacker Bobby Wagner was drafted a round ahead of quarterback Russell Wilson in 2012. The two spent 10 seasons together in Seattle before Wilson was traded and Wagner was — somewhat clumsily — released in March.

Like the rest of the NFL world, Wagner watched on Monday night as Wilson was heartily booed when the quarterback ran onto Lumen Field in Seattle. Wilson said he wasn’t bothered by the boos. In his Wednesday press conference, Wagner didn’t seem surprised by the crowd’s reaction.

“I think at the end of the day, fans understand that this is — you have your moment, and then you move on. So, I think they viewed him as an opposing quarterback,” Wagner said. “So, the reception that he got was what any quarterback that’s an opposing quarterback would get. So, that’s kind of how I looked at it.”

Wagner will return to Seattle in Week 18 and said he’s not sure how the fans will react to him.

“They could be feeling a different type of way by then,” Wagner said.

Seahawks fans may already feel differently about Wagner than they do about Wilson. Wagner has made it clear that he never wanted to leave Seattle in the first place.

7 responses to “Bobby Wagner: Seattle fans gave Russell Wilson the reception of an opposing QB

  1. Definitely gave Russell a harder time than most QB’s. It would’ve been different if he wasn’t publicly lying to the fans saying he wanted to finish his career in Seattle while demanding a trade behind closed doors. Russ isn’t a bad guy, but he’s phony and cares more about his image than anything else. The boos were warranted.

    Nobody will boo Bobby when he returns to Seattle. He’ll get a standing ovation.

  2. Completely different situation with Bobby. We needed to get Brooks on the field more, and Barton looks promising as well. Wilson’s persona got too big. The Seahawks made him the NFL’s highest paid player, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy his ego. He wanted more.

  3. Russ was SO pleased postgame with how he never wavered.
    Whatever, dude, you just lost.
    Glad he didn’t want Philly at this point.

  4. Spot on.

    They’ll cheer Russ during his jersey retirement/ring of honor induction.

    Nothing to see here.

  5. The players aren’t introduced as individuals. Having been there, it was no different than anytime any opposing team runs out of the tunnel. On to San Francisco.

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