Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert is “OK,” with an abdominal injury

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert took a big hit to the midsection in the second half of Thursday’s loss to the Chiefs. He missed only one play (by rule) and then kept on going.

The injury, whatever it was/is, affected him. He was pointing while on the sideline to an area on the left side of his torso. At one point, he passed on a chance to run for a first down while in obvious discomfort.

Via Daniel Popper of, coach Brandon Staley told reporters after the game that Herbert is “OK,” and that Staley doesn’t expect the injury to be an issue going forward. Staley said Herbert is dealing with an abdominal issue, possibly ribs.

Herbert, who was getting X-rays after the game, did not speak to the media.

Herbert has three extra days before a Week Three contest against the Jaguars. There’s clearly an issue that needs time to heal, at a minimum. Time will tell whether Herbert eventually misses time.

He was nevertheless heroic in his effort to reverse the outcome on Thursday night, and he made a couple of big throws to cut the final margin to three.

32 responses to “Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert is “OK,” with an abdominal injury

  1. Abdominal isn’t ribs in my world. And you don’t get muscles X-rayed. Hit didn’t look hard enough to break ribs but he sure acted like he had cracked ribs. The risk is, a cracked rib can easily become a punctured lung…. And Clark him him hard the very next play. It was neat to see him play with pain but if the guy can’t run, he shouldn’t be in the game.

  2. Hate to disagree with the coach but he’s full of BS. It’s definitely not his abdomen you could tell that from where he was pointing to his body on the sideline. Its a bruised rib at minimum.

  3. If he misses time that second hit is really going to come into question. Staley loves making crazy choices. He kept the Raiders hanging around by going for it on 4th down Sunday then Thursday he leaves the franchises future on the field when he can’t run for one yard because he can’t slide down.

  4. Heroic, yes. He took some big shots even after it was obvious that he was hurting. Hope he’s not seriously hurt.

  5. for a guy that tossed a pick six on the chiefs goal line, went 3 and out numerous times when behind only 1 score and tossed some ugly ill advised passes into traffic this herbert guy sure does get alot of praise. not saying hes bad but i saw alot of room for improvement out there

  6. Dude, the guy was clearly wincing in pain (could see it on the television feed even with the facemask) and was barely getting the ball over the heads of his linemen….crappy coaching. You got very lucky that your franchise QB wasn’t hurt for the year, or worse, because of stupid decisions.

  7. Even if he only has bruised ribs, he’s going to be in a ton of pain for weeks. They typically are even more painful than broken ribs. It can be excruciating to cough or laugh and just rolling over in bed will wake you up. If that’s what he has, they’ll add extra padding around his rib cage and he’ll play, but every future hit will be magnified and you know every defense will focusing on that from next week forward.

  8. wardo says:
    September 16, 2022 at 12:31 am
    If he misses time that second hit is really going to come into question.


    THIS ^^^.

    The first hit wasn’t so bad all by itself, but it made him fall hard onto that helmet. And he came away from it in *obvious* pain.

    He shouldn’t have gone back out there.

    Mad respect for him, though, and the way he played when he did come back. What a gamer. Anyone criticizing him for not “walking” the three yards for the first down isn’t thinking it through. If he commits to running at that point, he has to slide in order to avoid getting hit, but he may get hit anyway. And as someone who has suffered a broken rib, I can tell you that what you have to do with your core in order to slide becomes very painful with a cracked rib, or torn abdominal muscles. I don’t blame the kid at all for chucking it away and living to fight another day. It ultimately resulted in two unbelievable throws and a TD.

    The coach’s comments aren’t surprising, based on what we know about him. He doesn’t really know if Herbert is okay. He’s in denial, clinging to the idea that he’ll have him ready to go next week, just like last season, when he was clinging to the idea that going for it on 4th down is never the wrong call. He goes down with the ship. That much, we know about him.

  9. They should get a second opinion! There’s a “doctor” down in Dallas doing amazing things speeding up player recovery timelines

  10. If that is a rib injury, it’s going to linger. Just breathing is agony. No doubt that Justin Herbert is as tough as they come, but Staley should not have allowed him back onto the field. It’s only the 2nd game.

  11. That throw Herbert made to Carter after the injury, that almost got me out 9f my seat, well bed.
    That was one of the most touch, accurate passes I habe ever seen, with Manning overtones.
    Guy is miles mote accurate than the wizard Mahomes.
    And that was in so much pain that he could not run for 2 yards the play before.
    Guy is gonna be great!

  12. Herbert is tough, man! He’s a special player.

    Mahomes. . . Now, he is the best in the business. His coolness under pressure has blown me away for years! I’m comfortable enough in my Patriots fanhood to say that. Ha!

    Let’s gooooo, Mac!

  13. Herbert is a heck of a QB. Love watching him play.Herbert, Kyler Murray and Joe Burrow are my 3 favorite young QBs to watch play.

  14. Even worse than cracked ribs is torn rib cartilage. It’s just as painful and takes longer to heal. Herbert was in a ton of pain. that was obvious when he couldn’t run a few yards for a first down, even though there were no defenders there.

  15. The guy was in intense pain, he could barely throw the ball after that and was still under intense pressure. Then he takes another hit, but somehow manages to make that incredible pass.
    Even so he should have been pulled, why risk serious injury to your franchise QB as he was obviously hurting pretty bad.

  16. Herbert is tough, man! He’s a special player.

    Mahomes. . . Now, he is the best in the business. His coolness under pressure has blown me away for years! I’m comfortable enough in my Patriots fanhood to say that. Ha!

    Let’s gooooo, Mac!

    So tough that he couldn’t walk to get 1 yard.

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