Josh McDaniels on Kyler Murray: Every play is an opportunity for something bad to happen

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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After losing to the Chargers on the road in Week One, the Raiders will host the Cardinals for their home opener on Sunday.

Though Arizona was not competitive against Kansas City last weekend, Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels is fully aware of the challenges Kyler Murray presents as a dual-threat quarterback.

“Every play is an opportunity for something bad to happen when Kyler is on the other side,” McDaniels said in his Wednesday press conference. “This guy is a special, special player, and there’s not many players in the league that are like him and certainly not many that I’ve coached against.

“First of all, I think the number one thing I would say about him is he’s a really good passer. He can read the defense, he can get the ball to all levels of the field, he can make every throw, he’s very accurate. So that in its own is a tough challenge. Then you combine that with his ability to either run the ball on designed runs or RPOs or zone read, and then every pass play could potentially be a loose play. So, he forces you to be absolutely on top of all your P’s and Q’s, and you can’t take plays off and can’t relax because if you do, generally he makes you pay for it.”

McDaniels faced Murray once as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator — a game New England won 20-17 over Arizona. Murray finished that game 23-of-34 passing for 170 yards with an interception. He also rushed five times for 31 yards.

“He’s an exceptional player,” McDaniels said. “This will be a huge challenge. Excited to have the opportunity to compete against him, but this guy is a really, really good football player.”

10 responses to “Josh McDaniels on Kyler Murray: Every play is an opportunity for something bad to happen

  1. Coach McDaniels is doing a Belechick, praising the hell out of the opposition while trying to figure out how to turn them into roadkill. Having said that, the Raiders will have their hands full stopping his run game while not so weakening the pass D that it become easy pickings for Murray to throw.

  2. Opposing coaches know Kyler cannot handle pressure or see the middle of the field, and that they can shut him down on any passing plays by blitzing, assigning a spy, and dropping all the rest of the LBs and DBs into zone coverage along the sidelines.

  3. The problem is that the bad things that happen are just as likely if not more likely to be for the Cardinals (see last years playoff game). Worst of which was signing him to that latest contract. Not a leader and too short. Needs to play an 8 game season. Then he would be pretty good. Last week had a guy wide open in the flat on a critical 3rd or 4th down but he couldn’t see him because a defensive player over 6 feet tall was in the way.

  4. Arizonas offense is going to be explosive this weekend now that they’re getting healthy. They’re going to torch Vegas’s struggling secondary.

  5. This sounds like BB and him over praising the opposition. Hopefully it doesnt go to his head. Might be too late there. Little kyler is gonna float away with that big head.

  6. not a good start after signing huge new deal. maybe he should have studied a little more film and he would have recognized a few more of their defensive formations so he didnt look like such a deer in head lights. not a good look

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