Justin Herbert leaves for a play after a hit to the midsection

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chargers’ offensive line has taken some hits tonight. Right tackle Trey Pipkins went out with an ankle injury, and center Corey Linsley didn’t come back for the second half with a knee injury.

That left Justin Herbert to take a number of hits.

He did not get up after a hard hit from Mike Danna to the midsection with 4:55 remaining in the fourth quarter. Herbert went off under his own power.

Chase Daniel replaced Herbert for one play before Herbert returned, but on the next play back, Frank Clark hit Herbert hard. Herbert got up slowly from that hit.

Herbert was in obvious pain but stayed in before back-to-back incompletions forced a punt.

11 responses to “Justin Herbert leaves for a play after a hit to the midsection

  1. Pathetic. Geno would have bounced back, asked for a beer and cigar then thrown 3 TD passes.

  2. I don’t ever want about Cam not diving for the football in the SB when Herbert couldn’t walk for a first down on 4th and 1.

  3. I think ribs happened first; the hit was clean and not especially hard but he landed awkwardly on the tackler’s helmet. Then I think there was some shoulder stuff happening after. He’s fun to watch but I think they should’ve pulled him out to assess injury (and prevent it worsening).

  4. why put him back in, especially once it’s a 2 score game.
    one more hit chargers season may have been over.

  5. Tough kid. You’re going up against guys like Mahomes, Burrow, Josh Allen. You’ll need toughness. The Chargers look good.

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