Nyheim Hines: A tie is a good thing or a bad thing depending how we use it

Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis is 0-0-1 after starting the season with a 20-20 tie with Houston.

That’s not the best way to begin the year, but it also doesn’t end things. In fact, the Colts have an appreciation for what a tie can mean at the end of the season based on what happened in 2021.

Pittsburgh’s midseason tie with Detroit helped put the Steelers in the postseason instead of the Colts with the league’s Week 18 results. That’s part of why running back Nyheim Hines said on Wednesday that the season-opening tie could be a positive or a negative in January.

“[L]ast year we didn’t make the playoffs with Pittsburgh and a tie,” Hines said, via transcripts distributed by the team. “So right now, a tie is a good thing or a bad thing depending how we use it, but I remember last year a tie was one of the reasons we didn’t make the playoffs. So for Pittsburgh last year it was a great thing. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but with a tie, we are going to focus on the positives. We have negatives to get better on, but obviously we are going to focus on the things that we did well last week.”

The Colts play the Jaguars in Jacksonville this week. A tie would be an improvement from the last seven times the team has played at TIAA Bank Field, as Indianapolis hasn’t won at the stadium since 2014 — notoriously losing last year’s Week 18 contest there with a brutal performance.

7 responses to “Nyheim Hines: A tie is a good thing or a bad thing depending how we use it

  1. Only in Indy do they try to make it sound like a tie will do more for you than a win.
    In fact, a tie might be a “banner moment”.

  2. All the hand-wringing about ties is foolish. It should just be seen as part of the game. I’ve also heard proposals (that will never be enacted) that OT be eliminated from the regular season. I love that idea. It would change the mindset of how regular season games are approached. I would have no problem with it.

  3. This is why the Colts will never answer the bell as the media’s darling. Every year they try to tell us how great they are and no one can really figure out why they are lumped into an elite group.

    They had like 7 Pro Bowlers last year. 7. Julian Edelman, Donta Hightower, Joe Thuney, Jon Jones, etc, have never made a Pro Bowl. Not 1. Not 1.

    How? How does that happen? Can anyone name a star player beyond Kelly, Buckner, Taylor or Leonard?

    The fact that they tied the lowly Texans is embarrassing. I would have rather had lost.

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