Robert Saleh: We’re not same old Jets, but shots will keep coming until we win

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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Jets head coach Robert Saleh’s comments on Monday about “taking receipts” of people mocking the Jets so he can throw them back once the Jets turn things around drew a lot of attention and they became a focal point of his press conference on Wednesday.

Saleh told reporters that “you guys caught me in a passionate moment” as he tried to stick up for the players in the locker room and that he understands why the history of the team led to a negative response from many in the fan base who felt it was reasonable to expect the team to show more progress than they did in last Sunday’s 24-9 loss to the Ravens.

Saleh said it was a lesson that “you can’t control the outside noise” and that the team needs to devote all of its efforts to proving that things are different on the football field.

“My words, my display of emotion, which I do my best to control up here, I’ve got conviction over it,” Saleh said. “This is not the same old Jets, but until we win, until we prove it, which is on us as coaches and on us as players, the shots will keep on coming, so we welcome them, keep bringing them, it’s not going to change our mission and that’s to bring this organization and this fan base a win.”

With five 2021 playoff teams on the schedule in the next eight games, now would be a fine time to show that this season isn’t going to feature the same disappointing string of results that have created the need to say that these aren’t the same old Jets.

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  1. Saleh isn’t responsible for what the Jets did before he got there. Often you see a new regime make mistakes because they’re under so much pressure from what the previous regimes did. Saleh isn’t falling for that. They drafted a young QB, and they’re going to try to rebuild it the right way. The Jets were in such a mess, it didn’t figure to be a quick fix. I’m not worried about Saleh. If his personnel people do a good job, they’ll be fine.

  2. Winning isn’t even going to stop the shots. The Jets went to back-to-back AFC Championships games with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez and were still the most hilariously inept team in the league. That’s just what being the Jets is all about.

  3. This past weekend was the first time I’ve had the thought that the coaches might be the problem. Joe D has put together a solid roster, although the OL has proven vexing to fix. (aside: why do Jet coaches/GMs always have their strengths turn into weakness? Todd Bowles couldn’t ever make defensive adjustments, Adam Gase’s offense was putrid, and now Joe D, the big guy, can’t ever solve the OL. Just weird.) Our OC is a creative one, and Saleh seems like a solid person. Right now the only hope is that OL play improves. Got to remember that McDermott from Buffalo was a mess (Nathan Piederman and his 5(?) ints in a half) his first few years too. Still, the Jets have to do better. The Jets need to play meaningful games in October! (boy, the bar of expectations is low)

  4. You talk the talk but in terms of walking the walk you are getting around in a wheel chair.

    Your offensive line is as bad as it’s ever been and you are starting a QB who should’ve retired years ago because your young QB can’t stay healthy.

    If you are going to lose because of ugly QB play at least play a QB with theoretical upside. Flacco is just collecting paychecks until teams wise up and stop employing him.

  5. Well, the Jets have been in rebuild mode and trying to “turn things around” since 12 January 1969. I’m trying really hard to be nice, Robert, but you might as well put in your 2 weeks notice now before the team ruins your future coaching opportunities. It doesn’t matter how much emotion and wish casting you do, the Jets will continue to be the Jets and will always be who they are unless there is a change of ownership and a serious mass firing of the people sitting in the front office. Year after year it is the same team with the same results at the end of the season. I do admire the heart and fire, but dude, the problem isn’t the fans, the players, or the coach, it’s every one of those people above you sitting in that front office. A fish rots from the head down, so if that never changes, the Jets will never change.

  6. Bob is a good coach. I think he’ll get them there next year. They need another good draft and Wilson needs time to mature. Nonetheless I think Bob is the man for the job.

  7. You’re not? Same uniforms, same half full stadiums, same lifeless performances and same division standings.

  8. I always think about the Jets fan who attended their last Super Bowl in 1969 and said to themself “ This is great! I’m going to go to the next Jets’ Super Bowl!” Unless they were a child, they may no longer be alive.

  9. This is the same coach Mahomes called out for running the same defense over and over during the SB.

    He’s unimaginative and only got this job because of a stacked dline in SF. I doubt he last the season.

  10. There are 17-year old high school QBs playing who are bigger and better developed than Zach Wilson. The fact he has been injured / ineffective for the bulk of his NFL career shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The minute the Jets turned his name in on that draft card they ensured they were in fact, still the same old Jets. I feel bad for their fans but these ongoing troubles are all of the franchise’s own making.

  11. This is the same crap that Rex Ryan said about not kissing Belichick’s rings. We’ve heard this all before coach. They are the same team ever since 1969 when Joe Namath was there.

  12. Sounds like a guy trying to justify keeping his job without out actually doing anything. So far Salah hasn’t proven he is capable of coaching the Jets (and most of the top notch coaching candidates would never touch this job primarily due to the inept owner) and until they actually do something on the field they are still the same old dumpster fire that will soon be looking for a new head coach and maybe a GM, which could happen today, the bye week or at the end of the season.

  13. It amazes me that teams expect to throw these young coaches in front of the media without proper training or support. It diminishes Saleh’s effectiveness. At least have him watch a few hours of Belichick press conferences to get oriented.

  14. danfl says:
    September 15, 2022 at 11:38 am
    It amazes me that teams expect to throw these young coaches in front of the media without proper training or support. It diminishes Saleh’s effectiveness. At least have him watch a few hours of Belichick press conferences to get oriented.

    10Rate This


    They’re jealous of BB and the Pats, so they run in the other direction trying to tell us they know more and are better, more experienced, etc.

    It’s why there are so many 1 year dynasties the last 15 years.

    Leadership, experience and decision making actually matters. But, don’t tell the Jets that.

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