Thursday Night Football: Chargers lead 10-7 at halftime

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs dominated the first half against the Cardinals last week, scoring 23 points, gaining 267 yards, throwing three touchdown passes and punting only once.

In the first half tonight, the Chiefs have seven points, 119 yards, one touchdown pass and four punts. The Chargers lead 10-7.

Patrick Mahomes is 12-of-14 for 98 yards, including a sidearm, 9-yard touchdown throw to Jerick McKinnon. The Chiefs, though, could sustain only one drive, going 2-of-6 on third down.

Kansas City had drives of 29 yards, minus-11, 70, 21 and 10.

The Chargers scored on their first two possessions, but surprisingly they kicked a field goal on fourth-and-two after reaching the Kansas City 13. Brandon Staley also later chose to punt twice on fourth-and-two after reaching the Kansas City 47 and the Kansas City 48.

The Chargers had 31 plays and 165 yards, with Justin Herbert going 12-of-17 for 125 yards and a touchdown. He threw a 1-yard touchdown to fullback Zander Horvath on the first play of the second quarter.

Mike Williams has six catches for 84 yards.

Mahomes took a hard hit on his knee from Joey Bosa late in the first half, though he stayed in.

The Chargers will receive the second half kickoff.

15 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Chargers lead 10-7 at halftime

  1. Chargers came to play. KC looks tired and not ready to go. They both played Sunday afternoon, so there’s no advantage, but why do they play on Thursdays again? Oh that’s right, that picture of Bezos and Goodell tells us why. It’s not about safety, it’s about Money!

  2. Regardless of the outcome of this game one thing is clear; a lot of the hype for the Chiefs after week 1 was in large part due to how pathetic the Cardinals are going to be this season. Between a petulant QB that is too short to play this game and wears down as each season goes on and a frat boy of a head coach who thinks a tough practice is 2 kegs on tap instead of 4.

  3. springfield says:
    It’s not about safety, it’s about Money!

    So, what I hear you saying is that the NFL — a business entity which, like any other business, exists solely for the purpose of making money — is finding as many ways as it can to make money?
    Wow, who knew? (eye roll).

  4. Wow the Amazon stream is total crap for me. Non stop macroblocking, like 4 footballs I can see on every play, 480p quality. I thought the internet ran on Amazon’s AWS? Why can’t they get this right!

  5. Clearly some missed the point. You get better football off of a full week of rest. They’d rather force games for more money than have quality football.

  6. This also just in: *smart* business doesn’t sacrifice long term gains for short term money grabs.

  7. Smart businesses understand full time Thursday night football has happened since 2006. It has enough attention for a major company to pay a billion dollars to broadcast it.

    16 years. I’m not sure that is as short term as you think.

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