Tom Brady: To beat the Saints, we have understand why we’re losing to them

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Tom Brady has played the Saints four times in the regular season as a member of the Buccaneers. He has yet to win.

So why has that happened?

“That’s probably the thing that jumps out the most, turnovers,” Brady told reporters on Thursday. “They’re a very physical team, I think they beat us up, physically. It’s just a tough, hard-nosed team. They’re well-coached, they’ve got a lot of good players. They’ve kind of had a winning organization for a long time. They know how to get the job done. They’ve got a lot of great core players on both sides of the ball that have been there a long time. It’s a tough environment to play but you’ve got to go play . . . you play good teams on the road, you’ve got to go play well. The last couple times we’ve played them, we haven’t done a great job of that.”

It sounds almost as if Brady would have liked to play for the Saints. As reports at the time indicated, Brady may have landed in New Orleans in 2020, if Drew Brees hadn’t returned. (Apparently, the Saints almost went after Brady even with Brees coming back.)

So how can the Bucs do in the regular season what they did the one time they faced the Saints in the postseason.

“I think it’s just understanding why we’re losing those games,” Brady said. “There are reasons why in each game. You can look at them and look at why we won and why we lost, the one time we beat them. It’s got to be good football — offense, defense and special teams. They’re too good of a team to think that you can win one phase and win the game. It’s a challenge because they’re well-coached, they’re put in good position to do well, they have a lot of good players, a lot of guys who have been together, played together for a long time. They don’t make a lot of mistakes, they make you earn everything. Every third down’s important, every kicking situation’s important, every third down in the low red area is important, turnovers are important. It’s a lot of things that lead to winning and losing and obviously we haven’t done a good job of that in the regular season. We’re going to have to play a lot better if we expect to win.”

The regular-season games haven’t even been close. The narrowest margin was seven. On a Sunday night in Tampa in 2020, the Saints blew the Bucs off the field, 38-3.

For whatever reason, the Saints have had Tampa’s number. The Bucs get their latest chance to reverse that reality on Sunday.

7 responses to “Tom Brady: To beat the Saints, we have understand why we’re losing to them

  1. would have been 5 if not for Zebras phantom flag on a punt return TD that put Saints up 10-0 in playoff game

  2. They beat in the past you cuz they had Sean Peyton and Drew Brees. Not the case this year. You should have no problem beating Jameis Winston.

  3. Did it ever occur to you or others that one of the reasons the Saints win against the Buccaneers is because they’re now starting QB, Jameis Winston, knows precisely what Tampa Bay will do in certain ways since he had once been their quarterback. That could be one reason. This Sunday, it seems inevitable that the Bucs lose to the Saints once again. The injuries are not helping, nor the autopilot style of offensive playmaking we saw against the Cowboys. And for Tom Brady, the stars are not aligned with him this time. He is playing against the team whose previous head coach was about to join Brady in Miami; in the process, negating a working relationship with Drew Brees. Sean Payton may or may not return one day; but New Orleans will not be so kind to him. Because of this, the Saints are more determined to defeat Tampa Bay with little regard for their opponents on Sunday. As well, the marriage between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen is very much over since her People Magazine interview. And as I said before, each game remaining this year has the likelihood of it being the last time Tom Brady dons a uniform, doubly so if it is a loss. It is also an away game for the Bucs. So, on that alone, he is batting 1000.

    And yet this is what happens when you go on being an NFL player not for the love of the game, but for the hatred of the family. I of course am referring to both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Yet with Brady, this was never supposed to happen. Do not be stunned or even upset if the only relationships that matter, a parent and a child, is practically severed for Tom Brady as time goes on. Football is only temporary. Family and personal relationships are forever.


  4. We would’ve smashed them in the playoff game too if it weren’t for ridiculous calls and Bree’s’ weak arm.. Winston should’ve been playing that game.

  5. They are owned. Every day Tommy thinks about them. They are why he is back. He forced out his coach for a chance to beat them.

    Won’t work they will still get beat by the saints

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