Brandon Staley on punting in Chiefs territory: Wanted to give defense chance to compete

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley earned a reputation as someone who likes to go for it on fourth down during the 2021 season, but he veered away from that habit in Kansas City on Thursday night.

Staley opted to kick a field goal on fourth-and-2 from the Chiefs’ 13-yard-line at the end of the team’s first possession of the game and then punted on two more short fourth downs in Chiefs territory in the second quarter of the game.

After the 27-24 loss was in the books, Staley explained why he made those choices.

“Just wanted to give our defense a chance to compete, I really loved the way we were playing,” Staley said, via the team’s website. “I felt like that was the formula, to slip the field there. I felt like we were aggressive when we needed to be tonight, converted all four of our fourth downs. But felt like with who’s over there and the way our defense was playing, field position would be a big edge for us to pin them back there.”

The Chargers defense did not give up any points after the two punts, so Staley’s faith in his defense paid off in those spots. He probably wouldn’t have had the same faith in the unit last year and that change is a significant one even if the game didn’t wind up going the Chargers’ way on Thursday.

10 responses to “Brandon Staley on punting in Chiefs territory: Wanted to give defense chance to compete

  1. This guy won’t be a head coach for long. Very clearly the weak link for the Chargers.

  2. So hes doing the opposite of last year but not all the time? Does the Analytics cover being dumb when in scoring range?

  3. Not a fan of either team. I thought it was a fun game to watch and that both teams were fairly evenly matched.

  4. Andy Reid also didn’t go for it near the goal line, and the above posters are complaining about Staley ?

  5. Brandon… COME ON. You have an electric offense. Give THEM the chance to compete. You chickened out against the best offense in the league.

  6. Staley realizes if he didn’t mindlessly go for every single 4th down last year, and actually used his special teams units, he probably would’ve made the playoffs. I watched the game yesterday and I think Staley made the right calls for when he did decide to go for it. People
    have to realize they do have an extremely talented defense at all 3 levels and its OK to trust them to get you the ball back. I mean they have 7-8 blue chip first-rate players on that defense, including a stacked secondary and maybe the best D Line in the league. Even though it didnt work out last night it’s about the process, if you make the right decision consistently then you will end up on the right side of things. I think the Chargers are an outstanding team and they’ll be fine as long as they stay the course and Coach doesn’t take playcalling advice from casual Madden players on the internet

  7. Andy didn’t go for it because they were on the right side of the “momentum”. With a 10!point swing with the FG. SD’s (sorry they’re San Diego to me) defense is stout, if they stop KC there, the momentum swings greatly to SD. I liked the field goal call, not as fun, but KC wasn’t playing great and needed everything they could get. Take the points, and ultimately the W.

  8. Coaches like Brandon Staley dream of becoming head coaches so they can implement all their theories and ideas they think are genius when they are assistants.
    Then when they actually get to try that stuff in real games, and fall flat on their faces, they don’t look so genius after all.

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