Jalen Ramsey: I guarantee that wasn’t the worst game I’ve ever played

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey didn’t have his best game in the season opener against the Bills. It wasn’t his worst, though, Ramsey countered Friday.

“I take it as a compliment that people don’t think I ever played a bad game. I mean, shit,” Ramsey said, via Sarah Barshop of ESPN. “I guarantee that . . . wasn’t my worst game I’ve ever played. If that’s what people think, shit. I’ve been doing well for myself.”

The Bills scored 31 points, had 413 yards and never punted in the season-opening victory over the Rams. Josh Allen targeted Ramsey seven times, and Ramsey allowed six receptions for 124 yards, two touchdowns and a perfect passer rating of 158.3, according to Pro Football Focus.

Ramsey heard from Allen and the Bills receivers during the game, and social media wasn’t kind to him after the game.

But Ramsey said he’s his own worst critic.

“There’s never anything anybody can tell me that I haven’t already told myself, times 10 probably,” Ramsey said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “I cuss myself out in my mind like worse than anybody I could ever speak to. Just how I am and the standards I hold myself to.”

Ramsey has made the Pro Bowl five times and three times has earned All-Pro honors.

7 responses to “Jalen Ramsey: I guarantee that wasn’t the worst game I’ve ever played

  1. If you think this was bad, I’ve played worse? Is that really the argument you want to make here?

  2. You guys can hate on him all you want… he works his butt off to get better, every day. I saw it in Jacksonville. Yes, he’s brash. But he does the work. All these comments are the same way people did T.O. People don’t like him so they bad talk him… Saying he’s peaked or isn’t the best on his team is just ignorance.

  3. I wonder if Allen and Co. knew Jalen Ramsey was premiering his podcast immediately after the game…
    Would give them even more motivation to make it awkward for Ramsey..
    if so, We’ll Played.. Ramsey had nothing to talk about except how badly they got beat. Bravo Bills

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