Jamal Adams will undergo surgery in the coming days

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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams will undergo surgery in the coming days to repair a torn quadriceps tendon and damaged knee, coach Pete Carroll said Friday.

The Seahawks placed Adams on injured reserve Thursday, which means he will miss a minimum of four games. He reportedly is out for the season, but Carroll wouldn’t concede that.

“I don’t know the long-range of it,” Carroll said, via video from Gregg Bell of The Tacoma News. “He’s going to get worked on here in a couple of days, and we’ll know after that.”

Adams visited practice in a wheelchair Friday and spoke to the team afterward.

“It was great. He just popped in on us at the end there,” Carroll said. “It was really good. He had a chance to speak to the whole crew. He’s just such a heartfelt guy, and he just let it out and just told the guys what he was thinking and how grateful he was about the win. They were trying to haul him out of the stadium, and he went up to the box or something and got a chance to watch the finish of it and was going crazy by the end. It was great to reconnect, for everybody.”

Adams underwent shoulder and finger surgeries the past two seasons, missing four games in 2020 and five in 2021. The Seahawks traded two first-round draft selections to the Jets to get him in 2020 and since have handed him a new, $70 million contract that runs through the 2025 season.

6 responses to “Jamal Adams will undergo surgery in the coming days

  1. It’s very rare in sports when two teams get exactly what they want in a trade and then they both get worse.

  2. This is prime example of why players need to do everything within their power to extract the most guaranteed money possible at every opportunity.

  3. Anyone who says Jets GM Joe Douglas isn’t a genius just has to look at the Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold trades. Seahawks and Panthers got taken to the cleaners and have zero to show for it.

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