Jerry Jones on CeeDee Lamb: You’ve got to play through being covered, catch balls covered

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones wants to see more from wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, no matter how opposing defenses are playing him.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan today that Lamb — who caught just two of the 11 passes thrown to him in Week One — needs to catch passes when he’s covered.

“People are covering your best receiver. That happens. What do you do? You’ve got to play through being covered. You’ve got to catch balls covered,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “You can’t, just because they doubled you up, not make some plays.”

Jones said No. 1 receivers always have defenses game planning to stop them.

“My point is every team in the league is faced with the same thing. They’re going to have their best receiver double covered. What the best receiver should do is play through that coverage,” Jones said.

With Cooper Rush in at quarterback for the injured Dak Prescott, the Cowboys definitely need more than two catches a game from Lamb.

16 responses to “Jerry Jones on CeeDee Lamb: You’ve got to play through being covered, catch balls covered

  1. Maybe he should be telling the other receivers that if hes double covered they should be open. Instead of criticizing a guy who’s double covered

  2. I think Jerry is confusing #1 WR’s with the abilities of generational talent. If you want Moss, Larry, and Megatron then that’s different.

  3. He’s not wrong.. but perhaps Cee Dee isn’t at that level yet where he can get open even when the other team is trying to shut him down

    To quote Tony Soprano .. “you have no freaking idea what it’s like to be #1”

  4. (1)Defensive backs don’t just stand there and let you catch it. (2)Dak can’t “throw receivers open”, especially when the protection is poor. This is a problem with the pass offense as a whole. Beyond Lamb, the WRs are basically replacement-level guys who wouldn’t be productive with other NFL teams. Letting Cedrick Wilson leave but re-signing Gallup despite an ACL injury was just foolish. That’s on Jerry and his front office.

  5. Oh boy. My guess is Jones is getting ready to trade Lamb for peanuts and draft another receiver in the first round. After all he did that to Cooper.
    Call him out in public. Would love to have a boss like that – NOT

  6. LOL. Ceedee is not a WR1 but that’s ok because when fully healthy their wide receiver room is actually very good.

  7. Jerry’s a GM for one reason. Because he’s a superior talent evaluator, salary cap artist, leader of men and he owns the team, minus the first three.

  8. Or play the Packers — no Packer D was within 5 yards of Jusitn Jefferson last Sunday for most of his 184 yards of catches.

  9. Man hes already throwing his best player under the bus. Maybe McCarthy will get fired in the middle of this year. Jerruh seems a little angry.

  10. Throwing into double coverage on a regular basis is not a good strategy. Now and then in specific coverage situations, a QB with great precision can get away with it but in most situations he has a better chance going through his progressions to find an open reciever. That presupposes that the QB has good pocket skills and can scan the field quickly before the pocket collapses. But then some QBs are simply too slow in making their reads.

  11. Cooper Rush is going to throw 5 picks Sunday because on Saturday night Jerrah will tell hi. To throw to Lamb no matter what. He should catch it.

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