NFL: Soldier Field “performed well” under “highly unusual conditions”

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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On Sunday, the new grass at Solder Field found itself overwhelmed with rain. During a midweek press conference conducted by the NFL, I asked whether the rain overwhelmed the drainage system, or whether the drainage system failed to handle the rain.

“There was no failure,” a league spokesman told PFT via email on Friday. “The new field performed well under the highly unusual conditions of that particular storm. There are no concerns moving forward or any anticipated changes.”

It’s still odd to see so much standing water on a football field. As MDS, who lives in Chicago, observed, “It rained a lot but I didn’t see anyone’s yards with puddles like those.”

At one level, the NFL likes the unique and memorable nature of a Slip ‘N’ Slide game. Obviously, however, it’s far from ideal when it comes to player health and safety.

And if the current Soldier Field drainage system didn’t fail, maybe it simply needs a better drainage system.

11 responses to “NFL: Soldier Field “performed well” under “highly unusual conditions”

  1. Outdoor fields should be constructed with a slight “crown” in the center so that drainage is easier.
    Water shouldn’t be allowed to pool in the middle of the field under any circumstances.

  2. Conditions were perfect for water polo. 🤽‍♂️

    Just one suggestion- heat the pool heading into December?

  3. Haven’t seen a football game played in a waterpark since the astroturf days of the early 70’s.

  4. Hahaha, can’t wait for December and the NFL runs blocker for Chicago Parks after they paint the frozen dirt green.

  5. If there was no failure then I’d love to see what the field looks like when there is a failure.

  6. As far as player safety, sloppy fields usually lead to fewer injuries, as players can’t get the footing to launch themselves into their hits.

    So I have to ask, was there an unusually high amount of injuries at the Bears game last week? I don’t think so.

  7. I wasn’t aware of a lot of injuries in the game. Who got injured as a result of the field condition?

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