Patrick Mahomes: Spreading the ball around makes Chiefs a hard offense to stop

NFL: SEP 15 Chargers at Chiefs
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes completed passes to nine different receivers in Thursday night’s win over the Chargers, and he also completed passes to nine different receivers in the Chiefs’ Week One win over the Cardinals. He says that’s all part of the plan.

Mahomes said after beating the Chargers that the Chiefs expect to spread the ball around a lot this year, keep defenses guessing, and be the kind of offense that is difficult for any defense to prepare for.

“With the amount of tight ends, running backs and receivers that we have, it’s going to be everything,” Mahomes said. “It’s going to be a lot of guys catching passes, it’s going to be running the football, it’s going to be throwing the football, it’s going to be deep passes. It makes us a hard offense to stop. And when the defense plays the way they played today, we’re going to win a lot of football games.”

The departure of wide receiver Tyreek Hill was a major offseason story, but through two weeks Mahomes hasn’t missed Hill much: Mahomes has completed 73 percent of his passes, for 8.0 yards per pass, with seven touchdowns and no interceptions, and the Chiefs are 2-0.

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  1. If Asante Samuel Jr. could catch the ball it would’ve been a convincing Chargers win. Chiefs got really lucky.

  2. Anyone else see Mahomes usual 3 interceptions dropped by DB’s/LB’s?

    Nice QB but all I hear about how great he is; hardly anyone mentions his constant turnover worthy plays

  3. It still took a pick-six by the defense to win the game.

    Herbert is money on 4th down. I thought he was going to fall over and have to be carted off there on the last drive and somehow he managed to make 2 incredible throws on 4th down to bring the Chargers within 3. Great game by both QBs.

  4. He away with at least two dropped picks. Made some great plays too. But offense only put up 17. But defense made the play to win it.

  5. Getting bailed out by the refs on a couple INTs doesn’t hurt either. (The third one was due to Hardaman getting tackled on his route so would not have counted anyhow)

  6. I’m not a bit surprised. It’s a QB league. The great QBs have always made their WR’s look good.

  7. Funny how all the “experts” were saying the Chiefs and Mahomes were going to take a step back because they traded Hill. Those same “experts” never said the same thing about Aaron Rogers and the Packers, you all had the Pack going to the Superbowl. Meanwhile the Chiefs have the only unbeaten team in their division and Greenbay is winless and looks to be struggling.

  8. Well, the Chargers held them to 20 points on offense, so it seems they are not too hard to stop. Defense won that game, not Mahomes.

  9. Honestly, I’m more impressed with Justin Herbert and the Chargers. I already knew the Chiefs are good.

  10. He’s right, and it’s a difficult situation to defend against.

    There are too many receivers to make any double coverage(like on Kielce) effective, and blitzing against Mahomes this year has not been too successful.

  11. But but but cap hell!!! 1 year dynasty !!!! Hilarious. Some people can’t accept the league has passed them by. Bills fan here but looking forward to the matchup this year and hopefully again in the playoffs. Hoping both teams stay healthy and we can get over the KC roadblock.

  12. Hmm! Yet the Chargers defense kept stopping it for nearly 3 quarters. Neither offense looked particularly good in this game. The story was the play of the defenses and Herbert missing on 3 throws that turned the game. He missed two open receivers on third down throwing behind them. And he forced a ball to a covered player that got picked. Mahommes did make some nice throws in the second half but his defense and Herbert’s off target throws saved the w. The Chiefs have work to do on offense,the good news is they’ve got the players to do it.

  13. No one mentions Mahomes’ turnover worthy plays because there’s no such stat.

  14. Heck of a Win. This is the by product of trading Tyreek and bringing in some good players. Go CHiefs

  15. kev359 says:
    September 16, 2022 at 6:50 am
    Anyone else see Mahomes usual 3 interceptions dropped by DB’s/LB’s?

    Nice QB but all I hear about how great he is; hardly anyone mentions his constant turnover worthy plays

    I saw Herbert throw a pick 6.

  16. I’m just amazed that KCs defense allowed the chiefs to win without having to score over 30 points.

    that may be mahomes 6th carreer win with less than 30 points on the board.

  17. What play exactly did the refs take away a pick from the Chargers? If your talking about the one Samuels dropped it did just exactly that, it hit the ground. Or the one where the defender tackled Hardman before the ball got there.The haters make me laugh, how come you’re not talking about the throws that Herbert made that should of been a pick, you know the one that hit Gay right in the chest. The fact is Herbert threw a pick 6 and Mahomes threw ZERO interceptions just like last week. How many INT’s has Herbert thrown this year already?

  18. The Chargers were playing without their big playmaker Keenan Allen on offense. The Chargers dominated the game. The quick play from the 3 yards line clearly shows that Everett was winded after his previous 26 yard reception. Herbert forced it to him (probably thinking he was rewarding him for the great previous play) when Everett could barely breath allowing the pick 6. Sometimes you have to be aware of your teammates condition.

  19. Gee Mahomes, just imagine how many rings you would have had if you had learned that lesson years ago? When the D know where you’re throwin’ you know where they’re goin’. Funny how Aaron is being forced to learn this very lesson as well without Devonte.

  20. Mahomes was trying his best to spread the ball around to the Chargers D…they just didn’t hang on to the ball.

    If Mahome’s doesn’t clean up his sloppy play he’s going to be in for a long year of turnovers.

  21. The Chiefs are obviously spreading the ball around more, but against good defenses it looks like they are going to do it in smaller short pass plays. That means more plays, which means more chances for mistakes.

    Mahomes had a few passes that should have been picked off. They aren’t going to see porous defenses like the Cardinals every week. Even though they won last night, it showed how much closer the Chargers have gotten to being the better team. It was the pick 6 that was the difference in that game, not some world beating offense.

  22. Mahomes’ numbers maybe impressive, but KC doesn’t win that game without dodging the bullet with dumb luck.

  23. Mahomes is a hell of a QB – not even debatable …. but to suggest that the Chiefs offense is better without Tyreek Hill is ludicrous.

  24. Gee Mahomes, just imagine how many rings you would have had if you had learned that lesson years ago?

    2018 – #1 offense
    2019 – 5th
    2020 – 6th
    2021 – 4th

    And he’s won 80% of his starts so far.

    The man is practically above criticism.

  25. The Chargers defense is what Will make them or break them. Herbert is above average for sure, better than Jackson, but not in the Mahomes or Allen category. Chiefs held Mack in check but Bosa was everywhere.

  26. That offense did not look impressive. 3 dropped picks, lots of questionable hometown calls, and only 20 points?
    Defense and the refs are the reason they won

  27. kev359 says:
    September 16, 2022 at 6:50 am

    “Anyone else see Mahomes usual 3 interceptions dropped by DB’s/LB’s?”

    Maybe the Chargers defensive backs should learn to make plays…

    I DID see Herbert throw an interception that was returned for a touch down.

  28. Only one player above criticism in the NFL and it is not Mahomes.

    Agreed. Its Joe Burrows world.

    I can’t believe he lets us breathe his air.

  29. This is dumb. Take away probably the most dynamic YAC receiver in the league and you improve? If you weren’t spreading the ball around enough before the trade it’s your fault.

  30. What surprised me is some of the bad throws/decisions Herbert made. He can make some truly amazing throws, but there were others I’m sure he’d like to have back. I do think the Chargers missed Allen because the rest of their playmakers are just guys. In fact, it didn’t look like either the Chiefs or the Chargers had anybody on offense that defenses had to really worry about. Chiefs RB is pretty good but beyond him, nobody really stands out. Without Tyreek Hill, Kelsie was and maybe is a non-factor this season. For all the talk of the Chiefs improved offensive line, Chargers D-line was better overall. Herbert had more time to throw overall. Of course, teams change, improve, or fall apart, over the course of the season, but, right now, I didn’t think either team looked like a true Super Bowl threat.

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