Pete Carroll: We know Trey Lance is very dangerous

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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The Seahawks and 49ers will meet for the first time this season in Week Two, which will give Seattle its first chance to see Trey Lance as a full-time starter.

Lance and the San Francisco offense were only able to generate 10 points in sloppy conditions in Chicago last week. But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll isn’t overlooking last year’s No. 3 overall pick.

“We understand this guy and respect him at this point,” Carroll said Wednesday, via Tom Dierberger of “We know that he’s very dangerous and makes a lot of guys effective in the game because he’s such a threat. So, we have to deal with that.”

Lance finished Week One 13-of-28 passing for 164 yards with an interception. With Elijah Mitchell exiting the game due to injury, Lance finished as the leading rusher with 13 carries for 54 yards.

“He ran the ball 13 times in the game,” Carroll said. “So, they are using him. That’s a major concern. He’s really effective in getting the ball downfield. He’s had big plays all throughout his time playing. He had a couple big ones this last week.

“We’ve seen him quite a bit now. … He’s a very versatile athlete. They know what they’ve got.”

Apparently, so do the Seahawks. We’ll see if San Francisco’s offense will be more effective in better conditions in the Bay Area on Sunday.

15 responses to “Pete Carroll: We know Trey Lance is very dangerous

  1. He’s dangerous all right,just ask his teammates. They’re afraid every time he’s on the field.

  2. Too soon to tell.

    It’s not Trey’s fault 49ers management gave up 3 #1 picks for him. I’m sure there would be much less pressure on him, if that hadn’t happened and he is given the chance to learn by mistakes. I mean, after all, Peyton Manning had more INTs than TDs his first year and the Colts only won 3 games.

    And Peyton didn’t have a former starting QB who had at least got his team to the SB as his backup. (Think he had Kelly Holcombe that year)

  3. At what hip scotch? Jump rope? I know PC isn’t talking about Lance being dangerous playing football.

  4. I thought one of the more stunning lines this week was SF favored by 9pts. Feels like Vegas is baiting us to take Seattle in this match up.

  5. It doesn’t matter who the Niners QB is when Frisco plays Seattle. Pete’s system the last decade and a half has been to stack 8-9 in the box, blitz and crowd the line of scrimmage. This is yet another perfect plan, especially against a deer-in-the-headlights rook. Lance will have to throw it over the top to win Sunday. You’re getting extreme value with Seattle -8.5

  6. Lance is dangerous alright. Dangerous to John and Kyle if they want to continue their employment with Clara.

  7. Pete must mean running with scissors type of dangerous or drinking milk past the expiration date because this kid isn’t scaring anyone on the football field.

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