Stephen Ross, Jed York on opposite sides of Santa Clara mayoral race

San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins
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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is tampering with a local election very far from his own backyard.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle, Ross recently contributed $100,000 to an independent committee supporting the re-election campaign of Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor. 49ers owner Jed York, however, is supporting challenger Anthony Becker, with more than $368,000 to given to an independent committee pushing Becker’s bid.

Ross has interest in Santa Clara because of his real-estate company’s $8 billion project in the vicinity of Levi’s Stadium.

The 49ers have had a dysfunctional relationship with Santa Clara. In 2020, York donated $2.9 million to committees backing four City Council candidates. Three were elected. Not coincidentally, things have improved in recent months.

Ross an York are technically business partners, in the business of the NFL. This issue will necessarily introduce some degree of friction into the equation.

9 responses to “Stephen Ross, Jed York on opposite sides of Santa Clara mayoral race

  1. Billionaires donating multiple 6 figures to competing election campaigns…there’s a topic most of us can relate to…

  2. Donating money to political campaigns isn’t “tampering”.
    Would be nice if it were so. But the laws allow people to give money to whoever they think is going to advance their interests.
    Good luck to the Yorks or the NFL trying to tell Ross who he can give his money to.

  3. No offense Mike, but this isn’t tampering in the sense implied. People donate to elections all the time. Sounds like a vendetta against Ross. Jed York “tampered” bigger anyway.

  4. So Ross giving $100k is “tampering” but York giving $368k is “supporting”? Way to be fair in your reporting. This is the kind of crap that have people say, “stick to sports”.

  5. And that in a nutshell is why all elections should be publicly funded and no contributions should be possible either by corporations or by billionaires. When your elected officials are bought and paid for can you really expect them to do anything but serve the people who paid for them rather than serve the public good?

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