Ja’Marr Chase receives a pair of unsportsmanlike conduct fines for Week 1


During Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase was photographed flashing a pair of middle fingers at Steelers defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick. Chase ended up with a pair of fines.

The NFL has announced, in the unique way the NFL does, that Chase was fined twice for unsportsmanlike conduct. One fine was in the amount of $13,261. The other was $10,609.

Chase was flagged once for taunting during the game. It’s entirely possible, if not likely, that the viral photo of Chase’s double-barreled middle finger resulted in the second fine.

Said Chase this week regarding the photo: “Pretty cool picture.”

Chase had 10 catches for 129 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers in the 23-20 overtime loss.

8 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase receives a pair of unsportsmanlike conduct fines for Week 1

  1. What a prima donna!
    Wait till it is contract time. you know he will want the moon. will the Bengals afford him and Burrows?

  2. For many years now, the Steelers have been given a pass by the NFL to hurt Bengal players with no repercussions.

  3. Marcus Williams and Marlon Humphrey are going to make Chase throw temper tantrums. Fluke season. Bungles forever.

  4. Week 1 and the fines are coming in fast and furious. We should keep a full season tally and see how much the NFL pockets. I would set the over/ under at 1.5 million.

  5. If it cost me 23K every time I flipped someone off my morning commutes would get very expensive, very quickly.

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