NFL fines Brian Burns $15,914 for questionable roughing the passer penalty

Cleveland Browns v Carolina Panthers
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Most observers thought the Panthers got screwed when defensive end Brian Burns was flagged for roughing the passer late in what turned out to be a loss to the Browns. But the league’s disciplinary process determined that the hit was, in fact, illegal.

Burns has been fined $15,914 for roughing the passer.

The call was so questionable that it’s fair to ask whether the league’s disciplinary process may have put its thumb on the scale to fine Burns, just to back up the referee who threw the highly controversial penalty flag.

The flag on Burns gave the Browns 15 yards on their final drive, which ended with a game-winning 58-yard field goal. It’s not unreasonable to say that without that penalty, the Panthers would have won the game. It was a tough call for the Panthers, made tougher for Burns when his paycheck was docked.

11 responses to “NFL fines Brian Burns $15,914 for questionable roughing the passer penalty

  1. When they show it in slow motion you could clearly see Brian Burns did not touch the guy, his own teammate did. Even the announcers said so, what a joke.

  2. The NFL is a complete and utter fail with these fines. Get the call right it isn’t that hard.

  3. ’bout time the Browns were a beneficiary of a supposedly bad call. It’s usually the other way around.

  4. It was a good call. I’m no fan of either team, but Burns ear holed him. He hit Brissett in the side of the head with his helmet. That’s a penalty 100% of the time. It might be questionable, but you can say every penalty is questionable. If the question is “was it a penalty”? The answer is yes. I would have loved to see Mayfield beat the Browns, and I hate games being decided by a late penalty. But it was a clear head shot. I don’t think Burns was trying to be dirty, and Brissett stepped into the throw, but intentional or unintentional, it was a helmet to helmet hit.

  5. It was helmet to helmet. Just shown at a bad angle on tv. Brissett had a better game than Baker. Zero turn overs and a game winning drive. Something we never experienced with 3 years of Baker.

  6. I just watched it again to make sure my fan bias isn’t showing here, but Burn hit him in the arm with the ball less that six inches out of Brissett’s hand. Not sure what the NFL is doing but this is stupid upon stupid.

  7. I hate the league office like everyone. I know everyone hates the officials too. There are a lot of bad calls, but objectively, this wasn’t one of them. The bad part was the camera angle and the announcing focusing on the arm when that was never part of the penalty. There was obvious helmet to helmet that was pretty solid contact if you actually pay attention to that instead of the arm and even though it’s a soft call by old NFL standards, they’ve called helmet to helmet contact on QBs penalties for many many years now. This should have absolutely 0 controversy if people actually used their brains.

  8. nothing for the wwe move on kelce? it’s ok to pick players up and slam them.
    well, on to week 3…

  9. just watched it again…Burns hit Brissett in the vicinity of Brissett’s earhole, with Burns’ helmet. It looked unintentional, but it was clearly helmet to helmet. Not an incorrect call, at all.

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