With local numbers in, Amazon’s full Thursday night ratings are expected by Monday

NFL: SEP 15 Chargers at Chiefs
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The NFL’s new adventure in exclusive streaming has begun. The first chapter won’t end until the viewership information becomes available.

Via John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, the full Nielsen ratings for the Amazon broadcast of Chargers-Chiefs are expected to be released by Monday.

For now, the data as to local consumption on tradition TV is available. In Kansas City, the game racked up a 33.6 rating and 57 share. This means that 57 percent of the TVs in use in the market were tuned in to the game, and that 33.6 percent of all TVs (on or off) were glued to pro football. In L.A., the numbers were 6.8 and 21, respectively.

Ourand notes that the Kansas City number is “probably a little bit below what TV networks typically get from that market.” Ourand also observes, correctly, that “[a] good team playing a close game should get more than a 7 rating on television” in Los Angeles.

Amazon reportedly has told advertisers that it expects TNF audiences in the range of 12 million. The more realistic number, for a good game, is 5-7 million. And, on Thursday night, Amazon got a very good game between very good teams in the glow of an early season.

Whether long-term play or short-term money grab, Thursday Night Football is scheduled to be the exclusive property of Amazon for the next 11 years. Remember, however, that the league has an early out in its current TV deals, after seven seasons. If/when the league decides that the increased cash isn’t worth the depleted audience, there’s a chance things change by the end of the decade.

17 responses to “With local numbers in, Amazon’s full Thursday night ratings are expected by Monday

  1. TVs are only a part of it. Can they also measure viewers who watched on their computer (like I did) or devices?

  2. As we also pay a premium for the NFL Network the thursday games should also be included on that channel.wont be long before free NFL football is just a memory.greed is rampant in the NFL.

  3. Nope. Not watching on Amazon. Or any streamer. Lots of other things to do. NFL money grabs are the end of me. Sad.

  4. Game buffered on several occasion, interrupting the play. Movies and shows never buffer when watching on Amazon in my home, but certianly did on several occasions during the game. What gives?

  5. If NFL football ain’t free…..it ain’t for me!! Yep, you can say ok boomer…I don’t mind.

  6. Broacast errors were bad. Series of pregame commercials video while audio was the commentators. 2nd half video definition went to way below even SD. Problems were with broadcast, not feed or streaming service.

  7. If they have to wait until monday, the numbers are not what they wanted. Amazon has the capability of telling you how many devices were tuned in to the game, the amount of time they tuned into the game and the individual IP addresses. They can do this in real time. They knew this during the game. If the numbers were anywhere close to what they expected, they wouldn’t still be massaging them

  8. Why assume that general complaints about the “experience of watching on Prime being downright awful” are about router or streaming quality?

    Maybe it was how wooden and dull Her street was, or the overdose of analytic graphics coupled with two commentators fawning over analytics golden boy Brandon Staley?

    That was awful enough for me, even with a the beautiful high res picture.

  9. I agree. I pay $200 a month for cable along with extra for the NFL Network. A month ago I decided I didn’t need anything on Amazon so much I needed to pay $140 a year for Prime. Same with TV. These companies will keep on with the money grab until folks just cut the cord.

  10. With all the buffering, I’m just now into the 3rd quarter. Looks like San Diego has it in the bag…

  11. I didn’t watch, but then, I don’t really watch much NFL anymore anyway, it’s just not the same as it was 10-20 years ago.

    Pay only football? Never.

  12. For this game it would be interesting to see the San Diego numbers. My guuess is they will be better than the LA numbers.

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