Bengals tie Cowboys 17-17 on Joe Burrow’s TD pass and 2-point conversion

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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It took the Bengals 56 minutes and 15 seconds of game clock before they scored their first touchdown but better late than not at all. Joe Burrow‘s 5-yard touchdown throw to Tee Higgins followed by a two-point conversion pass to Tyler Boyd has knotted things in Dallas.

With 3:45 remaining, the Bengals and Cowboys are tied 17-17.

The Cowboys led 17-3 at halftime, but the Bengals have rallied with three scoring drives in the second half.

Evan McPherson has had kicks of 43, 50 and 46 yards, the latter two in the second half, to go with Burrow’s touchdown pass.

Burrow is 21-of-33 for 191 yards and a touchdown. He has survived six sacks and a pounding from the Dallas defense.

5 responses to “Bengals tie Cowboys 17-17 on Joe Burrow’s TD pass and 2-point conversion

  1. Jerry says you know what you are still going to fill my stadium and buy beer and my food. I paid 300 million for this team and I’m worth billions now I will go daily on my 200 million dollar yauec while you pay for it

  2. Parsons is the best player in the NFL. Around Donald is done tg watt is hurt and wasn’t better the Parsons last year. Parsons owns the NFL. Ty hats a fact. Name one ayer better . You can’t.

  3. If anyone says Parsons is not the best player in the NFL they don’t know a thing about football. Donald is history he should have retired. Parsons is the best NFL player and it’s not even a question

  4. Joe Burrow is a great Quarterback.
    Fortunately for the rest of the league he plays for the Bengals.

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