Bucs dominate fourth quarter to earn hard-fought win over Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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A brawl between the Buccaneers and Saints late in today’s game in New Orleans, and after that a hard-fought game turned into a one-sided affair.

The Bucs and Saints were tied 3-3 with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, but after a brawl that resulted in the ejections of Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore and Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, the end of the game was all Tampa Bay, and the Bucs cruised to a 20-10 win.

First Tom Brady hit Breshad Perriman for a 28-yard touchdown to make it 10-3. Then a Jameis Winston interception set up a Ryan Succop 47-yard field goal to make it 13-3. And then another Winston interception was returned by Mike Edwards for a 68-yard touchdown to make it 20-3.

Winston, who is playing with fractures in his back, struggled throughout the game, throwing three interceptions, getting sacked six times and fumbling once. It was an ugly offensive performance for the Saints.

Brady was struggling for much of the game as well, but he managed to come up with the big touchdown pass in crunch time.

The Bucs improve to 2-0 and they’re now the clear favorites in the NFC South. The Saints fall to 1-1, and they’ll have to go back to the drawing board as they try to fix an offense that has started way too slowly this season.

20 responses to “Bucs dominate fourth quarter to earn hard-fought win over Saints

  1. Brady didn’t struggle. He was on target the whole game to practice squad receivers dropping all his passes. Also, players on his O-line were literally blocking for different plays on the same play once they got to the red zone.

  2. The Bucs stink and they are NOT going anywhere this year. Crab legs is still the same turnover machine he always was.

  3. 1) Bucs and refs dominated the 4th quarter. Game was 3 – 3 until the refs handed out phantom calls against the Saints D. To their credit, Bucs took advantage and got the go ahead TD. After the brawl the Saints completely lost their composure and the game was over.
    2) How bad is your back-up when you’re ok to play your starter when he has 4 fractures in his back? Winston wasn’t very good but I’m sure he was feeling like crap as well.
    3) Bucs need more reliable receivers, far too many drops. Depth is missing after Evans and Godwin. They miss Gronk and Miller just doesn’t seem to have it.

  4. Officials back to business with several bad calls to give tampa first downs instead of 4th. Winston also back in business with interceptions instead of comeback.

  5. Brady did what he needed to do and the Bucs defense dominated the game. Also find it funny the refs favored the Saints for 3 and a half quarters but only when they get caught holding is it a problem.

  6. you gotta love it. Gisele starts the beef whining to the refs, then Fournette pushes Lattimore while Gisele runs away, then Evans blindsides Lattimore (with Arians on the field!) and Lattimore gets ejected. Hey Roger- happy now? Putz.

  7. Brady took a very late hit early on that wasn’t called, and the refs gave the Buc’s a few cheezy penalties, but them made up for it with some sketchy calls against the Saints that turned he tide. What happened to the Buc’s offense, after Evans got booted there wasn’t much to work with. Tampa’s defense is the bright side of the team lately.

  8. More like refs took over in the 4th. Phantom call after phantom call when the game was tied until Brady got his touchdown. Then Lattimore gets ejected for retailing and then getting cheap shorted by Evans again. Refs were horrible this gabe.

  9. Part of the Buc’s problem is Brady’s family problems took him away from preseason where he should have worked with those recievers. I’m a Brady fan but his family should take precedence particularly at this stage of his career in which he has nothing else to prove.

  10. Ingram’s fumble turned the tide in this game. Notice he was nowhere to be seen after that

    Go ahead, Winston haters….It’s your turn to gloat….for now.

  11. Bucs defense is playing really well and is the difference between them winning and losing. If they play that well all year and the offense gets back on track, they are going to be really tough.

  12. The RIDICULOUS flags deflated the Saints bum time… just another group of refs trying to be friends with Brady.

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