Cardinals storm back to force overtime in Las Vegas

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Cardinals were a no-show in the first half against the Raiders, but they came to life in the second half.

Arizona cut a 20-0 halftime lead to 23-15 over the course of the second half and then drove all the way down to the Raiders’ 6-yard-line in the final minute. It looked like the Raiders had sealed the win after Kyler Murray threw an incompletion on  fourth down, but a defensive holding penalty gave the Cardinals new life with 16 seconds to play.

A.J. Green couldn’t hold onto a first down pass in the end zone, Raiders safety Johnathan Abram broke up a pass to Zach Ertz on second down, and Murray fired another incompletion on third down to set up another fateful fourth down. Murray ran for a three-yard score as time expired on that snap, which closed the Raiders lead to 23-21 and set up a two-point conversion to force overtime.

Murray hit Green in the back of the end zone on the conversion play and we’re headed to overtime in Las Vegas as a result.

13 responses to “Cardinals storm back to force overtime in Las Vegas

  1. Looks like the Raiders offense can only play for half a game this season.
    Had a big lead at half time and everybody relaxed – hey, look at all the big names we have: all doing nothing.
    However this OT goes, a lot of work to do!!

  2. All the people calling Kykers contract into question and his size makes me wish he sat the entire year out after this. Only to expose how horrible Keim and Kingsbury are. The cards are average at best and would be worse if they didn’t have Kyler because of how bad this roster is. Isaiah Simmons looked horrible in week 1 and didn’t start today. Drafter another linebacker in the 1st rd (Zaven Collins) who hasn’t made a single play. Kyler hides the deficiencies of Kliff and Keim.

    Josh McDaniels, for that matter, looked just as bad. You have Derek Carr and Devante Adams and did very little on offense. I thought McDaniels was lauded as an offensive genius?

    May if these people ride the coattail of others and are only succesful win the eyes of the casual fan. SMH.

  3. For a guy that all the “experts” here said was..

    Too small..
    Didn’t study…
    Can’t make plays…

    He sure looked like today huh ?

  4. Vintage Derek Carr. Unable to protect the lead in the fourth quarter, zero points scored. The battle of the overpaid third tier QB’s.

  5. For a guy that all the “experts” here said was..

    Too small..
    Didn’t study…
    Can’t make plays…

    He sure looked like today huh ?

    No, he played the Rai-duhs


  7. Refs tried to help Seattle get back in too. Didn’t matter, because the 49ers don’t fold like tissues.

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