Cooper Rush not worried about the future, excited to be 2-0 as a starter


Cooper Rush went to the podium for postgame interviews and acted as if he had been there a hundred times after winning a hundred games. Rush’s matter-of-fact answers, combined with the lack of even a smile, prompted Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to ask what should have been obvious but wasn’t: Are you excited?

“Winning an NFL game is a lot of fun,” Rush said.

Rush has started two NFL games. He has won both.

The former undrafted free agent subbed for Dak Prescott against the Vikings last season and led the Cowboys to a 20-16 victory by completing 24 of 40 passes for 325 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

On Sunday, he led the Cowboys on a six-play, 33-yard, game-winning drive in the final two minutes. Brett Maher kicked a 50-yard field goal on the final play to give Dallas a hard-fought 20-17 win over the Bengals.

Rush was 19-of-31 for 235 yards with a touchdown.

Even owner Jerry Jones said afterward that Rush exceeded his expectations.

Rush will remain the starter only as long as Prescott is out following hand surgery. Then, it’s back to the bench.

But does Rush think he’s done enough in the preseason and two regular-season starts to show he deserves a chance to be a full-time NFL starter?

“Every time you’re out there you just want to go play ball and do your job,” Rush said. “Fortunately, I have a very good football team. That helps. Great players around me and you just want to keep getting better. In the end, it was only my second career start, so you just want to keep improving, tons of stuff to look at and learn from and that’s what we will do this week.”

11 responses to “Cooper Rush not worried about the future, excited to be 2-0 as a starter

  1. Cooper Rush is not the answer. Neither is Dak.
    Time for Jerry to suck it up and draft a 1st round quality QB.
    Stop trying to be cute with the second rate QB talent Jerry.
    Jerry, you are letting the other owners run rings around you without even trying.
    Even the idiot dirt bag owner in Miami who cheats and hated drafting Tua has to concede
    he has a great talent at QB now.

  2. For all the times I’ve probably rolled my eyes at commentators opining on players that “play the right way” & all that, I have to say that this guy epitomized that today. He played within the team & drew no attention to himself.

    Arguably, his play showed that he deserved more faith than he was given in the second half, which led to an unnecessarily stalled offense & them nearly losing the game – but he still played within himself, the plays that were called, & quietly led them to victory. Good for him. Get well soon Dak

  3. If everything was the same except it was Dak at QB on that last drive I would have expected to lose the game. I gave up on Dak and the rest of the team in ’19 when they rolled over and let the Eagles win the division with a 9-7 record. The Eagles were trying to hand it to them and they didn’t want to take it. They showed they had no heart. Dak just isn’t taking that extra step and go tho the next level and bring the team with him. Coop has shown he is clutch and I want to keep seeing him play.

  4. The last two Dallas QBs are better than Tua. One came in the 4th and the other was undrafted. Neither one was perfect but still better than Tua. Tua having one good game doesn’t change that. There’s also countless QBs drafted in the first who turn out to be busts.

  5. Wondering if Dallas would have a better chance to win with Rush over Prescott going forward…

  6. Dakota will be rushing back to take his job back while he can. Cooper seems to run this offense better than Dakota. It might be Cooper is a real QB and Dakota is part time runner, part time QB, and still trying to figure out what he can do in 15 seconds.

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