DirecTV apologizes for two straight weeks of Sunday Ticket streaming difficulties

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Some teams are 2-0. Some are 0-2. When it comes to providing consistent and adequate streaming service to customers opting to watch Sunday Ticket online or via the app, DirecTV is among the winless.

The NFL had no comment on the new flurry of complaints regarding the streaming difficulties, but the league can’t be happy.

Here’s what a DirecTV spokesman told PFT via email: “While NFL Sunday Ticket on our traditional satellite service performed as expected over the past two weeks, some consumers were temporarily unable to stream. We apologize to our customers for this experience and for any inconvenience.”

An apology is nice, but it won’t make folks feel any better about not being able to watch Sunday Ticket from start to finish through a digital platform.

It’s the last year for DirecTV as the exclusive provider of Sunday Ticket. Next year, streaming will have to work; it’ll be a streaming product only, with no satellite as a backup. Hopefully, it will work.

13 responses to “DirecTV apologizes for two straight weeks of Sunday Ticket streaming difficulties

  1. Can’t wait to see the price tag for the service. Amazon, Apple, or even Hulu needs to buy DirecTV and bundle it into their offerings.

  2. I missed the 2nd and 3rd quarters today because of the technical difficulties. Luckily the 4th was when Tua turned it on.

  3. When the officials blow a call that could change the outcome of a game, what does the league do?

    Issues an apology.

    Poor Roger may be upset, don’t you think they will have the same issues in the future with amazon?

  4. touchback6 says:

    September 18, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    Goodell. Greed

    Its a business troll. Hes employed by the owners to continue to grow that business and the profit margin, if he wasnt growing it then he would be fired.

  5. the attitude that business’ must ciontinually increase profit margins is part of the reason we are in such a wealth disparity in this country (shrinking middle class, 90%of monies held by 5%of population). This is especially troubling when the business already has massive, read, billions, profits. As long as we do not hold business’ accountable to their unethical ways, there will be increased problems, which include, but are not limited to, people being unable to feed their families, crime will go up, even more divisiveness, and hatred of others perceived to be the “issue” (when in fact it is simply the overly wealthy business’ trying to increase profit margins). Think it all the way through before giving businesss’ a pass

  6. Thanks for the apology. How about a pro-rated rebate for each game you can’t stream in full?

  7. I missed the end of the half through the third quarter, it was so frustrating because DirecTV did not communicate with subscribers during the entire fiasco. I had to get on Twitter to find out the problem was effecting more than just my account, I tried to call their customer service line but kept getting a busy signal, hung up on or just not connected.

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