Jaguars steamroll Colts 24-0

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars entered this week having defeated the Colts seven consecutive times at home.

Make it eight.

Jacksonville dominated Indianapolis from cover to cover, defeating the Colts 24-0 in Week Two.

The Jaguars teed off on quarterback Matt Ryan, picking him off three times. They got him on the opening drive and twice in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory. Coordinator Mike Caldwell’s defense made Ryan look every bit of 37 years old, as the quarterback finished 16-of-30 for 195 yards. He was sacked five times as the Jaguars racked up nine quarterback hits.

Running back Jonathan Taylor had a 21-yard run but otherwise was shut down. He finished the game with nine carries for 54 yards.

Edge rusher Josh Allen had a pair of sacks, a forced fumble, and a tackle for loss in the contest.

Offensively, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was an efficient 25-of-30 for 235 yards with a pair of touchdowns. He connected with receiver Christian Kirk for both of those TDs — one from 10-yards out and another from 5-yards out late in the third quarter.

Running back James Robinson had a 37-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. And kicker Riley Patterson had a 52-yard field goal in the second quarter.

The Colts remain winless at 0-1-1 after a tie with the Texans last week. But ownership will certainly not be pleased with a shutout loss to Jacksonville. Indianapolis will host the Chiefs in Week Three.

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson now has his first win with his new team. The Jaguars will be on the road to face the Chargers next week.

29 responses to “Jaguars steamroll Colts 24-0

  1. Man are the Colts bad. And the Matty Ice acquisition is looking like the worst decision of the year for both parties.

  2. Jim irsay could very well fire Frank Reich this week. He’s probably sitting in a mansion blasting classic rock and calling potential coaches right now.

  3. Why did they ever think Matt Ryan was the answer? He was awful last year and has been declining since that Super Bowl meltdown. What a clown show.

  4. Rivers, Wentz and now Ryan…same results. Maybe Irsay will convince Favre to come out of retirement for next year.

  5. That was even worse than the final score. Total beatdown in all phases and Matty Ice is washed. Who will Irsay fire first??

  6. Hold on! Hold on!
    Who was the Colt that so eloquently explained to us last week how a tie was just as good as a win?
    Bring that mathematician back out for another interview and the Colts will have the NFL right where they want them!

    Ha! Matt Ryan. . .

  7. Being as irresponsible with Luck’s health as they were seems like it’s coming back to haunt them. Sad, because I was actually somewhat hoped Matt Ryan could get something positive going again for his career. Next week against the Chiefs could easily derail their train before its even left the station.

  8. Everyone said Ryan would be the savior. I said it before and obviously was right. Ryan is a great person, but he’s over the hill. Wentz isn’t a HOFer but he’s a more than competent qb that’s still relatively young and still has upside. He just doesn’t fit the agenda because he smartly refused a jab. I just smile and hope Irsay is proud!

  9. Oh, the sick, twisted things the Chiefs are going to do to the Colts next week!
    Hide the little corn-fed children.

  10. Jacoby Brissett –> Phillip Rivers –> Carson Wentz –> Matt Ryan. taking a new stop at the QB carousel every year.

    Can somebody explain to me why Ballard gets so much media love? He’s had his chance at countless QBs and continues to pass them over for a bunch of reclamation projects and retirement tours.

  11. I guess now Irsay is going to want to trade Matt Ryan now?? Reich and Ballard will both be fired by the end of the year. Colts will be one of the biggest disappointing teams this Year.

  12. Start Sam Ehlinger at QB next week. It may not make a huge difference this year, but he’s better than any alternatives. Bye bye, Frank.

  13. No NFL connoisseur in Atlanta lost any second of sleep when Matt Ryan sauntered off to Indianapolis. Same for Julio Jones. We’ll persevere through the rebuild.

  14. How bad must the Colts be to be beaten by one of the worst teams in the NFL – the Jags don’t even have a real QB as a starter. He has no intangible quality and isn’t particularly bright.

  15. And the Roller-Coaster ride called Matt Ryan continues to live on when it’s well past it’s prime!

    A 53 comp %, 0 TD and 3 INTs, his career resembles Big Ben’s a lot, the only difference being Ben has 2 rings which will get him into the HoF!

  16. Nelson, Kelly, and Smith are among the highest paid O-linemen in the league. Don’t put this all on Ryan. Those guys got pushed around all day.

  17. Reich has long needed fired.
    This O-Line isn’t protecting Ryan.
    Defense made zero adjustments, and didn’t even try to disrupt WR timing.
    JT got NINE carries!??! CRIMINAL

    Hey at least the FG kicker didn’t miss any FG’s. 🙁

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