Jets stun Browns 31-30 after late comeback

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The Jets looked dead and buried after Nick Chubb‘s third touchdown of the afternoon, but they had a few tricks up their sleeve for the Browns.

Chubb’s score made it 30-17 Browns at the two-minute warning, but kicker Cade York missed the extra point and a coverage bust allowed Jets quarterback Joe Flacco to hit Corey Davis for a 66-yard score with more than a minute left to play. The Jets recovered the ensuing onside kick and Flacco found Garrett Wilson for a 15-yard score with 22 seconds left to play. Greg Zuerlein‘s extra point put the Jets up 31-30 and set up a long field for Jacoby Brissett with just one timeout in his pocket.

Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett scrambled to get the ball near midfield, but Jets safety Ashtyn Davis picked off a pass to seal the win on the next play.

One question Chubb and Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski will likely be asked is why Chubb didn’t go down rather than score the final touchdown. The Jets were out of timeouts and the Browns could have run out almost all of the remaining clock if Chubb had stopped himself short of the end zone.

Flacco finished the day 26-of-44 for 307 yards and four touchdowns. Wilson had two of them and finished with eight catches for 102 yards in a breakout day for the first-round pick.

The Jets will return home to face the Bengals in Week Three and they’ll be doing so with a major head of steam thanks to Sunday’s stunning comeback. The Browns will try to pick up the pieces before renewing hostilities with the Steelers on Thursday.

33 responses to “Jets stun Browns 31-30 after late comeback

  1. Fire Joe Woods this guy hasn’t a clue on how to run a defense. 2 weeks in a row our safeties get beat by 30 yards for a touchdown.

  2. I don’t even like the Jet’s, but I’m one happy camper right now, because the Browns are a disgusting organization. It’s not the fan base mind you they have great fans IT’S MANAGEMENT

  3. lol!!!!

    How do Browns fans live with themselves? The Jets are clearly the worse franchise, but that’s how close Cleveland is to being the Jets.

  4. (1)No, Chubb was right to score. Put your team up by two scores. (2) The Browns aren’t very good, so games against mediocre and bad teams come down to things like making a long field goal (last week) or a missed XP and an onside kick (Jets game). Of course, allowing another insta-score long touchdown pass when leading doesn’t help.

  5. One of the most satisfying games in years!! Love that the Clown show Browns lost like this but thats what they do its the Factory of SAdness it NEVER closes.

  6. touchback6 says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:33 pm

    How do Browns fans live with themselves? The Jets are clearly the worse franchise, but that’s how close Cleveland is to being the Jets.


    Sounds like someone who is already resigned to the fact that the Patriots will go 0-6 or 1-5 against the rest of the AFC East this year.

  7. This is right up there with the Browns melting down against the Bears Bears in 2001 with the cascading events including an onside kick recovery.As soon as Cade York missed the extra point I thought uh oh.Something like this is cosmic,curse,voodoo,juju,dijinn shadow people stuff.

  8. Not a Jets fan, but this was great and made the weekend for me…. show me your not inept Brownies……

  9. One of the worst late game collapses I can remember. Under 2 minutes left, Jets trapped deep in own end, down by 13. How do you totally forget to cover a receiver? and then to muff the onside kick? and then cover the back of the end zone instead of the front?

    The Browns shouldn’t even play the rest of their games, just mark them all as losses.

  10. Until Watson is gone I will always root for the other team. Hated the Ravens so this is the first time I rooted for Flacco. Good for the old guy.

  11. Ok Jets fan here and I’m glad they won but I have to agree with the author. This is ANOTHER example of highly paid “professionals” not understanding the situation.

    This isn’t college where stomping an opponent impresses voters and gets you into a bowl game or championship. Wins are the ONLY thing that matters, if you win all 17 games by one point each, you are 17-0 and in the playoffs.

    If you can run out the clock with a lead, YOU DO IT (any of you naysayers ever seen an end of game kneel down or ever heard of “The Fumble”? [Giants fans know what I am talking about]).

    But Chubb had to have his moment of “Glory” and no one on the Brown’s staff was smart enough to say “Just stay in bounds and don’t score”. So now the have an L against a team they should have easily beaten.

  12. This was one of the wins I had marked down for the Jets. Granted, I didn’t think it would be Flacco…

  13. I hope Chubb’s fantasy owners are happy….

    And I thought only Atlanta was capable of something like this….

  14. The Jets have a solid young team that will get better over the season. If they can somehow eak into the playoffs and Flacco is still standing, watch out. Flacco is for real in January. The cold weather doesn’t bother him like it does other QBs. Playoffs, Jets? Hell yes!

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