Kevin Stefanski: It’s on me to communicate offense shouldn’t score late in fourth quarter

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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There were plenty of stunning finishes in Week Two, but the Browns’ loss to the Jets might be the worst of them.

Up 30-17 with 1:55 left, Cleveland ended up losing 31-30 to New York.

But in theory, the Jets shouldn’t have even had an opportunity to make that improbable comeback.

The Browns had first-and-10 on the Jets’ 12-yard line with 2:02 left. Because the Jets did not have any timeouts, all the team needed to do was get a first down and the game would’ve effectively been over.

But when running back Nick Chubb took a handoff at that spot, he went into the end zone instead of stopping after getting past the sticks. That score was the only reason why New York had a shot at the comeback.

After the game, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski admitted he could have told the offense not to score in that situation.

“Yeah, that is a scenario where that’s on me to communicate that to the huddle. We’ve done that before,” Stefanski said in his postgame press conference. “Having said that, we need to close that game out.”

The Browns should be 2-0 for the first time since 1993. Instead, the team is 1-1 with a matchup with the Steelers coming on Thursday night.

11 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: It’s on me to communicate offense shouldn’t score late in fourth quarter

  1. Stefanski you better make some major adjustments with your coaching staff or you will be watching the games from your recliner next year like the rest of us.

  2. Joe Woods should be fired. The second week in a row the defense gave up seventeen points in the fourth quarter.

  3. It still took a pretty amazing set of screw ups by the Browns to throw away the game up by 13 points, under 2 minutes, and the Jets pinned deep.

    Forgetting to cover the Jets WR who had no one within 20 yards of him to score a long TD.
    Screwing up the onside kick.
    Somehow letting the Jets with no time outs and needing a TD to just march down the field.

  4. That isnt why you lost coach in fact it had zero to do with it. The Browns are getting what they deserve, and I love to see it.

  5. Chubb also had a similar situation last season where he broke off a long one and did not take the touchdown. I think situations like this have happened way too often over the last few years that there is no excuse for it happening. We just saw it a few weeks ago again on the onside kick in the Appalachian St./UNC game. I have Chubb in fantasy, and even I was thinking before the play that he wouldn’t get in the end zone unless they pulled him in.

  6. Stefanski was too busy getting ready to celebrate on the field with his kids even though the game wasn’t over. Even the announcers noted that.

  7. Scoring is NOT the issue. It’s letting the OTHER team score… In ONE PLAY. That’s the issue. Nick Chubb has the wherewithal to not score because he’s done it before. Had he known the defense was going to take a play off, he would have just fell down at the 1 yd line. Don’t you dare put this on Nick Chubb Stefanski.. He’s the only reason the Browns are even half good on offense.

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