Kyle Shanahan: Trey Lance broke ankle, having season-ending surgery Monday

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan opened up his postgame press conference on Sunday with an update on quarterback Trey Lance‘s injury.

Shanahan said that Lance broke his ankle in the first quarter of the 49ers’ 27-7 win over the Seahawks. Lance was carted off the field with an air cast on his right leg and was almost immediately ruled out of the game.

Shanahan said Lance will have surgery on the ankle on Monday. The coach also said that Lance is out for the rest of the season.

Lance was injured while running the ball and Shanahan was asked if he regrets using the quarterback in that fashion.

“Anytime a guy gets hurt I wish I didn’t call that. But no, that’s something we were going to do and something we were going to continue to do,” Shanahan said, via Jake Hutchinson of KNBR.

Jimmy Garoppolo took over for Lance on Sunday and, as long as he’s healthy, he will be the 49ers quarterback for the rest of the year.

34 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Trey Lance broke ankle, having season-ending surgery Monday

  1. KYLE took out RGIII and now Trey…

    This IS JIMMY G’s TEAM KYLE!!! KNOW IT! ACCEPT IT! Just get out of the way you ball less turd and let JIMMY do his THANG! NINER EMPIRE is BEHIND YOU JIMMY!!!!


    Don’t do the deed to Jimmy G next coach, that bother just got fixed up….c’mon now.

  3. Well there goes SF’s chance at winning a super bowl. Back to check down football and a limited pass game. Jimmy is horrible.

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call the decision to keep Jimmy G on the team the executive decision of the season.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m sorry Lance was hurt but this is extremely funny re:their off-season approach to Jimmy G

  6. As a 9er fan, I’ve got to say that Shanahan is a MORON! Repeatedly running your franchise quarterback into the middle of the defense is just idiotic.Now they’ve lost him for the whole year & with that the experience he would have gained while having an experienced back-up “just in case”. Also, jimmy now has them by the “short-hairs”. At the end of the year he can go anywhere he wants & if you think he’s going to stick around after the way this off-season was handled, then your delusional.
    So Trey’s “experience year” is postponed one more year and next year he’ll have “Mr. Irrelevant” as his back-up.

  7. Sorry for Lance. Only 22, there are a lot of football ahead of him. Wish him a speedy recovery. The Bay Area knows for sure that a beat writer kid will cry all night with his daddy about seeing Jimmy playing. Tomorrow, the normal, routine negativity keeps going again.

  8. How can a brilliant play caller be such a moron putting his QB at unnecessary risk with reckless types of runs? Straight into the line?
    This is totally on Shanahan and now I fear he may never understand he can’t keep doing this. He got lucky last year in the first Arizona game when he had Lance attempt to run around the end near the goal line. Lance was crushed by multiple defenders who just teed off on him. His knee injury then was only minor, no credit to the coach who called such a brain-dead play. This was bound to happen at some point.
    I think the 49ers were wise to try to replace Jimmy G – he is a good QB but has definite limitations and seems to play his worst at the most critical times deep in the playoffs. In other words, he simply is not a championship QB. Everyone clamoring fir him to replace Lance fails to realize how short-sighted that is! Lance probably would have not been as good as Jimmy right now but if he had developed he could have been better than Jimmy heading into the playoffs. Watch Jimmy flaming out late in one of their playoff games.

  9. Shanahan/Lynch get no credit for keeping Garappolo. They did everything in their power to push him out the door and alienate him. Garappolo decided his best move was saying in SF, and not disrupt his way onto the Seahawks roster. On the flip side, Shanahan gets no blame for the injury—he called a run play for a running QB.

  10. The 2 guys seem to be legends in their own mind. First off they have good offensive weapons and a great defense -with a lot of key players and a QB who is young or at least not old – and can win games. So what they fall in love with themselves and trade away 3 first rounders and a third rounder to move up to number 3 for a running quarterback. Running QB’s eventually get what – INJURED – and now with a broken ankle – he may never be the same – at least next year he will be limping around. Now the only dumber organization is obviously Cleveland but we has seen since Jim Brown retired in 1965. But and even Lamar Jackson got hurt last year- run when you get out of the pocket but dont run just to run – or eventually after 17 games in a season.

  11. Bad news for TL and I wish him a speedy recovery. Good news for the Niners, tho- we have a steady QB at the helm who knows how to win. See you in the playoffs.

  12. The 49ers lose their starting QB, and suddenly become a legit super bowl contender. This doesn’t happen very often, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  13. Lynch/Shanahan may have made a mistake in committing so much for Lance but give them credit for getting JimmyG to stay under a bargain contract. The final chapter in the book of Trey Lance may not yet have been written but the first 2 chapters sure didn’t start the way the 49ers wanted. When Joe Montana states his reservations on Trey Lance’s readiness to start, I’d have listened. Starting a running QB before he’s ready is risky. At least Mike Shanahan started RG3 because the owner ordered it against his HC’s advice and warning. Lynch/K. Shanahan have no one else to blame. Lance ran because he couldn’t make the reads.

  14. Well there goes SF’s chance at winning a super bowl. Back to check down football and a limited pass game. Jimmy is horrible.


    Yeah … like Lance was going to tale them to the Superbowl

  15. Unless Jimmy G guides the 49ers to a Super Bowl win, we’ll be spending the off season wondering if Trey would have done better. Spoiler Alert. He’s bad. And while I feel for the kid, this injury gives the 49ers their best chance at success.

  16. Lance almost looked relieved. There goes another year of development while the benefit of his rookie contract runs out.

  17. At least Trey Lance will always be able to say he was the starting QB for the San Francisco 49’ers.

    For 2 games.

  18. Watching the game I thought the play calling looked like they were getting Trey Lance injured so they can insert Jimmy G into the game in order to save face while doing it.

  19. The Great Gimmick in Washington took himself out because he was uncoachable, knew it all, could not read a defense and could not master how to slide. Stop trying to rewrite history.

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