Mike Evans, Marshon Lattimore ejected after Buccaneers-Saints brawl

NFL: OCT 31 Buccaneers at Saints
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Things got ugly between the Buccaneers and Saints today in New Orleans.

When Tom Brady complained to the officials about the lack of a pass interference flag, that resulted in Lattimore gesturing that Brady should be flagged. Leonard Fournette came over to confront Lattimore, Evans jumped in and decked Lattimore, and then a real brouhaha broke out.

In the end virtually every player on the field for both teams got involved in the skirmish, but the officials ruled that Evans and Lattimore were the most culpable, and they were kicked out.

Evans and Lattimore have a long rivalry that has boiled over before, and this time it resulted in both of them getting thrown out. It’s likely to result in significant fines for both players as well.

13 responses to “Mike Evans, Marshon Lattimore ejected after Buccaneers-Saints brawl

  1. Brady fakes an injury and retires during the season. I just know it’s coming. This team has imploded.

  2. I have to agree that Brady messed up by unretiring. He ego finally got the better of him.

  3. Brady let those refs take a turn on his wife to win that game!

    Lattimore shouldn’t have been ejected!

  4. Tom Brady is a Princess Punk. Mouths off, then steps back. He’d probably slap like a little school girl then hide behind his teammates. Must be frustrated because his wife won’t play the head cheerleader any more.

  5. Gisele: “ My husband can’t be expected to fight men half his age. That’s why I want him safe at home.”

  6. Marshon should not have been ejected, where as Evans ran across the field to hit latt. Evans is a punk who gets owned by latt over his career. Next match-up will be must watch for sure

  7. “Marshon should not have been ejected” are you joking? He instigated the whole thing by talking trash to everyone he could see including the Bucs coaches and sideline before he went to Brady who didnt back up, but walked forwards while responding, including when Evans deservedly decked the dumb guy with the big mouth. Why should Brady dive into the pile to throw punches and potentially injure himself?

  8. why indeed when he’s a wuss? This is the second time Evans has blindsided Lattimore. Oh, trash talk is bad? Get a grip.

  9. yeah, Lattimore being ejected shouldn’t have happened and it hurt the Saints much more than the Bucs losing Evans. I think it’s the Brady effect of treating him and his teams special.

    Technically Brady started it all by complaining he wasn’t getting treated special. I went back and looked at much of the first half and the coverage was good and Brady was just frustrated because honestly, his game was off.

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