NFL will review Mike Evans, Marshon Lattimore conduct for possible suspension


Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and Saints included a fracas sparked by some verbal jousting between Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady and Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore.

Brady took exception. Lattimore turned back toward Brady. Bucs running back Leonard Fournette intervened. Lattimore shoved Fournette. Then, Evans entered the fray and shoved Lattimore.

More players gathered together, and the officials eventually separated the bodies. The league office made the decision to eject Evans and Lattimore because, per the NFL, their actions were deemed flagrant.

Next comes the question of whether either or both of those players will receive further discipline, whether a fine or a suspension. Whenever players are disqualified, the league reviews the situation for a potential suspension.

That would happen tomorrow, not today. And if there’s a suspension for either Lattimore or Evans or both, it would need to happen quickly, so that any appeal could be heard on an expedited basis.

In some cases, a player is less likely to be suspended if he was ejected. Whether that saves Evans and/or Lattimore remains to be seen.

23 responses to “NFL will review Mike Evans, Marshon Lattimore conduct for possible suspension

  1. Brady should be suspended, too. He started it by mouthing off. He’s a crybaby, a spoiled brat and a coward.

  2. What also would have prevented it would have been calling obvious pass-interference throughout the game

  3. So let me get this straight.

    Bruce Arians starts the whole thing, Brady comes and gets in Lattimore’s face, Fournette then hits Lattimore, Lattimire hits back and is then smashed from the blindside by a fully charging Mike Evans just like he did a few years ago.

    Lattimore gets ejected. Hilarious.


    1. Evans is super salty because Lattimore shuts him down. Like clockwork. So he’s going to smash him from the blindisde. Like a punk.

    2. Fournette did as much as Lattimore and is not ejected?

    3. Of course, nothing happens to the Golden Boy.

    4. This changed the entire game

    5. The officiating was maybe the worst Ive ever seen. You think the NFC champ game against the Rams was a bad call? Go watch the phantom penalties on the Saints that gave Brady !3! first downs on 1 drive. Ridiculous.

    6. If the NFL is serious about player safety, Evans should be suspended for the season.
    Imagine someone doing to Brady what Evans did to Lattimore. They may get a lifetime ban. Absolutely egregious.

  4. this is the second time Evans has come off the sidelines or turned back to blindside Lattimore and you say Lattimore is a punk? You must be joking.

  5. Does Brady realize how absolutely and thoroughly anyone on the Saints, would cave in his ancient, weak, 45 yr old head?

  6. I’m not a fan of either team.
    Yapping started by Brady. No big deal. Happens all the time.
    Fournette smacks Lattimore. Lattimore hits Fournette back a little harder.
    Evans completely blindsides Lattimore.

    And offsetting penalties/ ejections.

    No worries that Evans is out. He had to go.
    If you toss Lattimore, Fournette should be tossed as well.
    TB should have had an additional 15 yards.

    TB wins the game anyhow, but NO got the short end of the stick on this one

  7. For everyone saying Brady instigated it, lattimore was yelling at the Bucs sideline and coaches first. Lattimore was trash talking everyone and when Brady talked to him fournette got involved, then Evans escalated it. Whether Lattimore deserved to be flattened for it is up for debate, but he was the clear instigator by jawing at everyone and the NFL always throws out the instigator too even if it was just mostly verbal.

  8. This escalated because the refs lost control of the game.
    Not calling obvious penalties tends to do that.

  9. ‘Brady should be suspended, too. He started it by mouthing off. He’s a crybaby, a spoiled brat and a coward.’

    And the greatest QB of all time. You forgot that one.

  10. How is whether Lattimore being blindsided debatable? On No planet should that happen. It’s not debatable. Mine Evans is the definition of punk

  11. Has ANYone ever been kicked/fined for mere words? Nothing matters until it gets physical (OR you flash a peace sign in a dude’s face after you make him drop the ball)

  12. The Saints have been disrespecting the Bucs for years. I remember that cheap shot on Chris Godwin last season. Lattimore is lucky that Suh is no longer with Tampa.

  13. and James I remember David taking Winston’s knee out with an uncalled horse collar. Join the line.

  14. They even cut the replay’s later when bucs defender threw a legit punch at saints player. He wasn’t ejected…

  15. 100% ppl that think the Bucs, TB12, Arians in any way caused this are delusional. PI all day long on Lattimore and he knew it. Tough loss for the saints who thought the refs would just gift wrap it for them. The 45 yr old then proceeded to throw a dime on the haters. Priceless!!!

  16. I guess I’m delusional. Lattimore was mouthing off, so was Tampa. It’s generally allowed. Fournette really started the debacle by pushing Lattimore, who then pushes back. Evans, who said he was protecting Brady, who was never touched by anybody, jacks Lattimore up while he wasn’t looking. Evans should have been ejected and suspended and Fournette and Lattimore penalized. And TB12 fans should never, ever think anybody would assume the refs would go against TB12. Ever.

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