Odell Beckham Jr. takes in Buccaneers-Saints game

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams
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The L.A. Rams may be on the clock.

Ten days after receiver Odell Beckham Jr. spent so much time hanging out with his former team on opening night that they had to actually report it to the league as an official visit, OBJ isn’t in L.A.

Beckham is in New Orleans, for the Bucs-Saints game. And given that the Bucs already are banged up at receiver, Tampa Bay could eventually enter the pursuit of one of the best wideouts in the league, when healthy.

The Bucs posted a video of Beckham and Tom Brady embracing and chatting before the game. Beckham has long had admiration for Brady. With Julio Jones already out with a knee injury, why not consider eventually adding OBJ?

The Rams continues to slow play it. Beckham has full flexibility to wait for the right opportunity to get playing time and a potential championship.

Right now, the Bucs are looking better than the Rams. They’ll potentially look even better if they beat the Saints on Sunday.

Or, perhaps better for Beckham, they’ll realize they need to add him to the receiving corps — once he’s healthy enough to play.

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  1. Maybe Tom Brady could teach Odell Beckham jr. how to run crisp,disciplined unlazy routes.

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