Report: Tom Brady will take every Wednesday off for the rest of the season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will continue to take plenty of personal time this year.

Brady took Wednesday off from practice this week and will take every Wednesday off for the rest of the season, according to NFL Network.

This news comes after an offseason in which Brady retired and then un-retired, and left the team for 11 days during training camp. At the age of 45, Brady is clearly trying to find a different work-life balance than he had for most of his NFL career.

Veteran players often take rest days, but the setup Brady has arranged, in which he’ll be off every Wednesday all season long, is highly unusual. Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles has insisted that he’s fine with Brady taking time off, as long as he’s ready to go on Sundays.

45 responses to “Report: Tom Brady will take every Wednesday off for the rest of the season

  1. Of course Bowles is fine with it. What else is supposed to say, he needs to be here? Bobby Ross tried that with Barry Sanders and he quit on the eve of training camp.

    Special players get special treatment. Everybody on the team knows it and that’s the way it’s been since forever.

  2. Tom needs time to make commercials and crypto and save his marriage. In. That. Order.

    He should have never waffled on the retirement. Its hurting him personally and professionally.

  3. The Goat does as the Goat want’s. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t need to look at the playbook… he probably wrote it.

  4. In other news Lamar Jackson has announced that not only does he want a fully guaranteed contract, but he also wants “every Wednesday off”.

  5. Of course the GOAT can do what he wants, but this seems to be a different Brady than we’ve seen. Old Brady was relentless. There are stories of players trying to be the first one to the facility. No matter when they got there, Brady would be there first. 7:00, then 6:00, then 5:30, then 4:45. He was intense at a level no one’s seen. I have to wonder if these days off and things going on in are going to impact to Tom and the team.

  6. That’s it ! I’m going in Monday and demanding from my boss that I too shall have every Wednesday off , paid of course , I will give him my Tom Brady story … wish me luck ! 😀

  7. He’s hanging on too long, he is definitely tarnishing his reputation. He should have went out on top!

  8. At this point of his career, he can call his shot on whatever he wants to do. Players know what he brings to the table, and he’s never big timed his teammates. Every personality couldn’t get away with that, but Brady’s teammates universally love him.

  9. He’s already got a ton of money and a hot wife that actually wants him around. Stop there. All she wants is for him to know the names of their kids. His ego is in the way of his life.

  10. If he could go back in time I wonder if he would un-retire, somehow I think he would have stayed retired.

  11. If anyone is interested in the facts the real reason is recovery. As Derek Jeter said, you’re reflexes don’t diminish, it take your body long recover when you get older. Taking a day of rest to allow his body to catch up so he’s at his best on Sundays is wise

  12. I know it’s cool to hate Brady and all but the amount of people acting like he hasn’t earned the right to do this is mind blowing

  13. the coach is ok with it. of course he is. he’s replaceable. TB12, much harder to replace.

  14. Remember Roger Clemens going home to Texas between starts. The Yankees agreed to it and got about six wins from Rocket in that partial season. Granted, Clemens occasionally travelled with the team and helped young players. I’d assume Brady doesn’t leave town, it’s just a rest day but this won’t end well. Maybe Shaq Barrett needs to ask for the same, Vita Vea, etc.

  15. Really people. He’s 45, the GOAT and could probably take the week off and play better than 30 other quarterbacks in the league.

  16. He’s lost a lot of weight for his stature, look how skinny he appears this season. Just an observation. Reportedly the first thing Belichick told him way back when was that he needed to get in the gym an put muscle on his frame, or he’d never be able to take the pounding. I guess he knows by this point what he needs, but it’s interesting to see how gaunt he looks for an NFL QB.

  17. We you get to a certain position in life you do what you want. Everyone else is jealous and envious. That’s life.

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