Trey Lance is expected to have surgery to repair leg fracture

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers quarterback Trey Lance‘s Sunday ended when he hurt his ankle in the first quarter against the Seahawks and it looks like his season has come to an end as well.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Lance is expected to have season-ending surgery on his lower leg in the near future, but PFT has learned, via a league source, that it is not 100 percent certain to end his season. Either way, Lance is set to miss a significant amount of time.

Lance went down at the end of a short run and his leg buckled under him in an awkward fashion. Medical personnel immediately put an air cast on his lower right leg and the reaction from players on both teams made it clear that Lance had suffered a significant injury.

Jimmy Garoppolo replaced Lance as the 49ers’ decision to rework Garoppolo’s contract to keep him as Lance’s backup paid off on Sunday. Now it looks like Garoppolo will be the starter for the rest of the year.

26 responses to “Trey Lance is expected to have surgery to repair leg fracture

  1. As rough as that is for a young player, you have to admit Lynch couldn’t have got luckier in how he played the Jimmy G contract situation. Unbelievable that it was as early as week 2 that it came to fruition.

  2. How lucky are they to keep Jimmi G.? He must have a contract with the devil Shanahan can still be fired after this game though.

  3. God Willing Trey heals up. That being said…This is JIMMY’s TEAM, you can see it on the sideline! The ENERGY! The ABSOLUTE SMILES at him coming in! NINER EMPIRE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Football is a brutal sport. I feel for the young man while Jimmy has a chance for a redemption tour. 9ers next offseason decisions just got remarkably more difficult.

  5. Shanahan takes a franchise QB and keeps running him up the middle, like a running back and we’re supposed to be surprised this happened?? Trust the kid to make plays with his ARM Shanahan! Then he runs Jimmy up in there on the same type of plays. Keep it up Shanahan and you’ll be on a 3rd string QB pretty soon.

  6. As a fan of a top NFC contender, when I found out that Jimmy G is now the starter, I immediately got nervous/anxious because I realized the Niners are back to being a contender. I never took them seriously with Lance at QB. The NFC just got tougher.

  7. 3 firsts down the toilet. Now the question is if they’re gonna give Jimmy G. another foolish massive contract if he plays decent this year. I don’t see him setting for scraps again.

  8. Like i said last week Seahawk fans. Gino was running away from pressure all day and was sacked 4 plus times.Niners D is for real and could very well be the best defense in the league.

  9. All the off season and training camp crap for not even a game and a half … may JG have a great season get into the playoffs see how it goes and should he leave to a big bucks contract in the end well nothing but a tip of the hat.

  10. It’s ridiculous that people are complaining about Shanahan’s play call. Lance is a running QB who had a run play called for him. His running style is straightforward. Anyone asking Shanahan to turn Lance into Brady is foolish. Experienced NFL QBs can’t make the transition to pocket passer, let alone a guy with such limited experience. And… why would Shanahan take away Lance’s running tool, it’s why he drafted him.

  11. Once again Kyle Shanahan has gotten an extremely expensive (draft pick wise) QB injured by using him as a running back. Running QB’s don’t last in the NFL. Ironically, I predicted that Jimmy G would take over for an injured QB this year. I never thought that it would be in SF. Shanahan actually just lucked into a pass for this year.

  12. pg33- We’re not saying to stop Lance from running, we’re saying use his runs towards the edges away from the big hogs in the center of the line where the most damage can occur.

  13. Absolutely perfect.. Kyle Shannon and company are freaking geniuses selling the farm for this loser. Lol.

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