Trey Lance carted off in first quarter

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers were happy to hold onto Jimmy Garoppolo as their backup quarterback after an offseason that looked destined for a split and they turned to him early in Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Trey Lance stayed down after a short run that put the 49ers in the red zone with just over two minutes to go in the first quarter and a cart eventually came out to take him back to the locker room.

Players from both teams went over to wish Lance well before he was driven off the field with an apparent injury to his lower right leg and the quick application of an air cast suggests it will be a while before he’s back.

Garoppolo entered the game and completed a pass to Brandon Aiyuk that didn’t get the team a first down. Robbie Gould came in for a 33-yard field goal that put the Niners up 6-0 one play later.

UPDATE 4;37 p.m. ET: Lance has been ruled out for the rest of the day

55 responses to “Trey Lance carted off in first quarter

  1. Kyle Shanahan deserves all the criticism he will get this week.

    What did he expect, running him into the teeth of the defense over and over again? This is going back to the Arizona game last year.

    Genius? Riiiight. More like idiot.

  2. Hate to see this happen to anyone. Hope the young man will be alright.

    San Fran is beyond fortunate they didn’t end up giving Garoppolo away.

  3. Kyle Shanahan – The QB Killer. This is the same thing that happened to RG3. He puts his mobile guys into dangerous situations and gets his non-mobile guys beat up.

    Matt Ryan got smacked around a lot including the superbowl cause he didn’t run the ball.

  4. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:40 pm
    Should have drafted Mac Jones


    Says nobody except for delusional Patriots fans.

  5. The Shanahans have a way of using QBs as RBs.
    Might be better for Lance to have a different HC or his career will follow that of RGIII.

    Deebo Samuel should be worried as well.

  6. One would think Shanahan would have learned a lesson from his father absolutely destroying the career of RGIII but apparently not.

  7. This injury was staged.
    How else could they shoehorn a real QB back into the starting position?

  8. Teams constantly try to make the running QB work. It’s really difficult. A lot of times, the running QB can’t operate in a traditional offense when necessary. Other times, good defenses can minimize or nullify damaging QB runs. But most of the time, these running QBs find out they can’t take the punishment associated with running the ball in the NFL constantly. Even a guy like Garoppolo found out early to avoid running.

  9. Everyone cheering, happy or acting righteous, you are all horrible human beings! Real L8sers at life! Karma catches up to each one of you miserable phonies

  10. Overall, I think the 9ers have put together a very good team. But the way they’ve handled the QB situation is beyond Monty Python silliness.
    Hope the kid is OK. Not his fault Shanahan and Lynch have some kind of targeted dyslexia when it comes to him.

  11. mongonation says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:41 pm
    patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:40 pm
    Should have drafted Mac Jones

    Says nobody except for delusional Patriots fans.

    Normally I’d agree with you since many Pats fans are delusional. However, in this case Jones has been the only QB from his draft class to show consistent competence. He’s not elite but at this point he’s had a better career than Lawrence, Wilson, Lance and Fields. I understand that Jones was drafted by a decent team, certainly much better than what Lawrence and Wilson started with, and Jones didn’t have an Urban Meyer disaster to work with.
    We’ll see how it all turns out after 3 or 4 years. Still far too early to make a call right now.

  12. Lance just did Shanahan and the 49er’s a HUGE FAVOR! He was headed for the bench anyhow but it was way to early for Shanahan to put him there, so they were going to have to take a few losses to justify Lance’s benching,

  13. mongonation says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:41 pm
    patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:40 pm
    Should have drafted Mac Jones


    Says nobody except for delusional Patriots fans.

    He’s not even a Patriots fan. Just poses as one.

  14. Obese has it exactly right! For all of Shanahan’s brilliance as a play caller, he is utterly foolish the way he was using Lance as a runner. Shanahan learned nothing last year from the Arizona game where he put Lance at an exaggerated risk of injury and sure enough, Lance got his knee hurt. In that game it was not a scramble or even an option but a designed run near the goal line. Predictably, multiple defenders pounded Lance even though he bravely tried to punch in in and hit the knee injury. They got lucky that time but Shanahan failed to moderate the risk with now predictable results. Absolutely no excuse – it was a reckless call then and same today, basically running Lance straight into the line this time.
    We may never get a chance to see what Lance can do because Shanahan just can’t help himself and made no effort to use the advantage of Lance’s running advantage judiciously instead of recklessly.

  15. It’s sad when people can express their wishes for his recovery and instead they are gloating on shanahans decions

  16. 1) Running QBs increase their chances of getting hurt. Duh 2) patsfan4lifedynasty who made the crack about Mac Jones is not a Pats fan. He is atroll seeking to smear real fans.Most regular readers of this comment section know this. 3) Lynch & Shanahan screwed the pooch on the Lance draft but overall have been one of the more successful GM/HC pairs in the NFL. Calls for their firing are way too premature. 4) Mike Shanahan didn’t destroy RG3’s career. The doctors cleared him and RG3 said he was fine. Even after years in the NFL, he still reads NFL defenses about as well as Ray Charles. That’s why he’s never caught on as a regular NFL QB. 5) If Lance wants to have make it in the NFL, he’s got to learn and work at the art and craft of being an QB. Running should be a bonus but is insufficient to succeed in of itself. He still has time to become that good QB, but he can’t run his way there.

  17. 100% on Shanahan. Rather than develop the young QB, he put him harms way. I hope Lance is not seriously injured and he is ok.

  18. Please fire the coach for ruining another young QB’s career. I hope Lance os okay and comes back quickly. Good Luck Jimmi G. also

  19. Nobody is laughing at the injury, we’re laughing at the homers that said Lance is better than Garappolo, and wanted to trade him away.

  20. This has nothing to do with the coach but rather management. Trey will never be a pocket passer, he’s a rb that plays as qb. You throw away all those draft assets so you play to his strength which is a running qb. This is the exact reason you never give up those kind of assets, and never give a guy like Lamar a guaranteed long term contract.

  21. By the way,, it was far to early to write Lance off before the injury. There is avoid chance he could have worked out. If Shanahan had used him more carefully as a runner that ability should have been a huge advantage. He also has a big arm allowing for potential bombs downfield as well as opening up both sidelines.
    I think there’s a good chance he would have developed well this season very possibly giving the 49ers a shot a the title. So many commenters are either freaking out way too early or making pronouncements about which QB in Lance’s draft class is the best. We absolutely don’t know yet and won’t in Lance’s case now probably for another year or more.
    And even though Lance is a running QB he did not have to get injured – that is completely on Shanahan for using him recklessly as a runner.

  22. kevines255 says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:46 pm
    This is why people don’t like running QBs-
    Yeah pocket passers never get hurt-Sam Bradford

  23. Well even with no training camp JG is not playing like crap with already a TD pass n imagine if they had traded him for a 15th round pick n a bag of baseballs in the 2134 draft …. would it have been joe who on deck and the season going down in flames on game two because of the continued misplay of the wonderkid who can’t stay in the game and did management just escape its rather deserved yer fired fate ??

  24. By the way, Shanahan&s dad, Mike, kept RG3 in the playoff game after he was hurt so badly he could barely walk! At that point there was no advantage keeping RG3 in the game so there’s absolutely no way to justify it. RG3 was a Sutton duck at that point and ad a result of vigor injured far worse. He was never the same.
    Anyone who actually watched that game knows that is exactly how it went down. Too bad Kyle apparently learned nothing from his Dad’s horrible use of RG3, even though his dad’s mistake was keeping his crippled QB in the game. Kyle simply used his healthy QB recklessly as a runner.

  25. Es El Repollo! says:
    September 18, 2022 at 4:46 pm
    One would think Shanahan would have learned a lesson from his father absolutely destroying the career of RGIII but apparently not.

    It’s clear you don’t know the true story of what ruined RGIII career. Kyle was the OC on that team and RGIII rookie season Kyle designed an abbreviated playbook of about 50 plays very similar to the plays RGIII ran at Baylor, that’s why he had a good rookie season. Then at the end of the season Kyle told RGIII he had to learn the Redskins playbook and he wouldn’t be using the one he did his first season and Kyle said RGIII just couldn’t grasp the playbook and when a play would start to breakdown the first thing RGIII would do was tuck the ball and run instead of going through his progressions. That’s what got RGIII hurt, he tucked the ball and ran it on a passing play and that’s no ones fault but RGIII. RGIII inability to learn the playbook is the reason for his injury and his short career in the NFL, nothing else!

    A qb has to be able to learn the playbook of NFL teams, that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to playing and making it in the NFL as a QB, athleticism is down the list a ways, if they can’t learn a teams playbook they aren’t going to be on the team long and it doesn’t matter how great of an athlete they are!

    BTW I saw this on an interview that Kyle did on ESPN after RGIII 3rd season.

  26. How do the 49ers medical and training staff still have jobs? Can no one on this team stay healthy for a full season?

  27. I disagree with anyone blaming Shanahan for the injury. A running QB is an entirely different position than a throwing QB. Trey Lance is a running QB and was drafted as such. There’s no guarantee Shanahan can teach him to play as a throwing QB—many have attempted the transition and failed miserable. Shanahan just called plays for a running QB.

  28. San Francisco is having the same problem Cincinnati has they’ve got a supposedly genius head coach who has no idea what he’s doing

  29. If Lance was drafted to only run the ball it would have been a horrible decision. But they obviously wanted him to do both and one of his advantages over Jimmy is that Lance has a much stronger arm.
    Also, there are different ways to use a running QB and the right way is to mostly eliminate the riskiest runs. You have an advantage with even the possibility of the QB running but use him moderately and therefore wisely. Shanahan doesn’t seem to understand this at all.
    This predictable result is totally on Shanahan because he refuses to use the running aspect wisely somewhat carefully..
    Injuries can always happen randomly but there was nothing random about running your QB deliberately straight into the line.

  30. Many who have seem Lance play in the NFL say the same thing… he runs like a fullback. He’s also built like a fullback. This dude isn’t Lamar Jackson; he’s Tim Tebow with a stronger arm. Lance isn’t running around people. Coaches get criticized constantly for not playing to a player’s strength, refusing to alter their offensive scheme. You can’t have it both ways. The play matches the player.

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