Tyrod Taylor sues Chargers doctor for injection that caused punctured lung

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Tyrod Taylor was the Chargers’ starting quarterback in 2020 until moments before the team’s Week Two game, when a team doctor gave Taylor a painkilling injection in his ribs that punctured his lung. Justin Herbert started that game in Taylor’s place, and Taylor is now a backup with the Giants.

Now Taylor is suing the doctor, David S. Gazzaniga, according to ESPN.

The lawsuit says Taylor suffered “severe physical pain resulting in hospitalization, physical therapy, emotional distress and other past pain and suffering.” Taylor is seeking at least $5 million, saying he would have made much more money when he hit free agency in 2021 if he had been able to show what he could do in 2020, and that Gazzaniga’s negligence cost him that opportunity.

Gazzaniga still works for the Chargers and is one of the doctors treating Herbert’s rib injury now. Everyone will hope for much better results than Taylor had.

5 responses to “Tyrod Taylor sues Chargers doctor for injection that caused punctured lung

  1. That was a wild story when it broke. Tyrod Taylor has long been nearly the ideal backup QB. He’s too cautious when playing, consistently checking the ball down if the throw will be contested to any degree by a DB so as not to turn the ball over. However, he is an ideal member of a team as he always supports those around him and never causes any sort of distraction. He’s a role model for how players should conduct themselves with sartorial sense to boot. The “$5 million more” argument doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as he had made $6 million and $5 million just to play in SD for 2 years based on what he had put on film the prior 6 years…and has been making right about $5 million (not $10 million) since then.

  2. I hope he gets the money he’s looking for, but he’s had plenty of NFL starts to show teams what he could do, so I wouldn’t say it made any difference to the amount of money he was offered in free agency. I don’t care if he gets $100 million from the lawsuit, but let’s keep it real.

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