A fan struck Kyler Murray in the face after Sunday’s overtime win

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
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After the Cardinals managed to reverse a 20-0 deficit and beat the Raiders in overtime, Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray had a moment to remember.

Via the Associated Press, someone at the game struck Murray in the face.

A Las Vegas police spokesman confirmed to the AP that a battery complaint was made after the game. Murray wasn’t named as the complaining party, but the allegation was that “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.”

An investigation is ongoing. Here’s a video of a portion of the incident. Here’s another angle of it.

Murray was celebrating with fans after cornerback Byron Murphy returned a fumble for the game-winning touchdown. That’s when one of the fans hit Murray.

Good for Murray to follow the proper channels, and to do something about it. The fan crossed the line. Murray exercised restraint in the moment. The fan should face all appropriate consequences.

63 responses to “A fan struck Kyler Murray in the face after Sunday’s overtime win

  1. As a close friend of the organization Kyler is lucky those cardinal fans held him back or else he is dealing with a big lawsuit today given his reaction attempting to hit the fan back

  2. I can’t see it clearly in the video, but I’ve got old eyes, lol. But if confirmed a fan struck him that dude should never step foot in a stadium again. What a Bum. It’s a football game

  3. Is that why he thinks he won the game all on his own? That’s an excuse I could understand, clearly he’s woozy after that comment.

  4. Was it malicious? From all the videos I’ve seen I can’t tell if the guy is just reaching out like everyone else to pat Murray or hit him.

  5. As they say in French, “Once a Raider fan, always a Raider fan regardless of where they are playing”

  6. Well, they have a very clear view of the guy who did it. Someone should press charges. That’s ridiculous.

  7. If you slow down the replay, it looks like the fan accidentally slap his Murray’s face after trying to high five or pat him on the back. No doubt that dude was an idiot and even if you accidentally hit someone, there are real consequences.

  8. “The fan should face all appropriate consequences”

    A 1 game suspension, like Mike Evans got for hitting an opponent.

  9. The guy is smiling that’s doing it, doesn’t grimace like there’s force or anything. Looks like bad luck.

  10. The second video shows Murray encouraging a rowdy celebration and then jumping into it face first. He needs to be just a bit more self aware.

    This in NO WAY excuses the jerk who hit him in the face. I hope they catch the scumbag.

  11. The guy was just trying to touch him. He’s blinded by the guy in red, and Murray stops. Just a bad sequence. I think he was just trying to touch Murray. Or smack him on the shoulder pads like we all used to do in high school.

  12. Highly charged game. Murray should not be celebrating in the stands at LV. Fans are upset at the finish of game. What does he expect. Celebrate with you teammates not with his fans at away game. Hopefully his friend backed him up.

  13. Seems to be a lot of hysterical overreaction to things.
    Was he assaulted or was it just over excited fans?
    It appeared to be a section of Cardinals fans.
    Glad I don’t have to make that determination.

  14. Now imagine instead of swinging an open hand, that fan swung a helmet! Instead of possible legal trouble he may had to have a sit down serious conversation with a Rams employee… not sure what is worse.

  15. If you slow down the replay, it looks like the fan accidentally slap his Murray’s face

    Sounds like a great idea for a Seinfeld episode…..

  16. Judging the violent nature of some of the celebrations it probably was an inadvendant celebration pat and it just got out of control. Nowhere near as bad as the forearm to the head of hunter reinforced that caused that last fumble !!

  17. So now an accidental slap from a fan is being maliciously struck that requires the man to be sent to jail? Good Lord, people are so soft these days.

  18. Hard to call it intentional. He may have been trying to slap his shoulder pads as if to say great job and join in the celebration, but missed badly – product of bad luck. It will be difficult to prove one way or the other TBH.

  19. The fan should be sentenced to watch the Bronco’s offense for an entire year with no option for parole.

  20. That arm could easily be attached to a guy who wanted to slap Murray on the shoulder with approval.

    Everyone wants to jump to conclusions, though…get out the pitchforks, right?

  21. Idk, it looks like to me hes just trying to touch him/ slap on the shoulder pads but Murray moved and the guy inadvertently hit him in the face.

  22. Brady’s high pitched wailing would be heard from coast to coast shattering tv screens across the globe if it happened to him.

  23. This is stupid. It looks like a high five that didn’t land in the right spot. No different than what happens to every Packer player that does the Lambeau Leap and all the fans try to touch him.

  24. Yeah I’m not really buying it based on the video. Look how hard that guy slapped hands with Murray. Then the other guy hitting his shoulders. It’s possible there was malicious intent but being in an area obviously full of cardinals fans I think he’d be in the hospital if it was malicious.

  25. Everyone was swinging slaps for high fives, they were going in all directions and were pretty vigorous ones because emotions were jacked. Im not sure that it was not just a miscue that took place inside a boisterous celebration. But I agree that if it was in fact any sort of malicious move there should be criminal charges from the authorities and a life time ban from absolutely everything from the league. I would even be up for Murray to smack some civil suit (and give it to charity) just to send more message as to just how unacceptable that is.

  26. iowahbr says:
    September 19, 2022 at 4:46 pm
    raider fans Need anyone say anything else


    Yeah, I wanna say those were Cardinals fans.

  27. Murray skipped across the end zone to initiate physical contact with the spectators. If anyone should file a battery report, it should be the spectators that were assaulted by Murray!

  28. It’s a big nothing burger. The guys was trying to pat him on the shoulder just like all the other fans and accidentally touched Murray’s face instead. Hope the guy doesn’t get in too much trouble for an accident.

  29. He went straight for that guy, they tried a hand slap but were on different levels of communication on that and it looked awkward (they were both delirious), then the guy looked like he wanted to hug, and changed to slapping him on the pads. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the guy in the stands was Kyler’s 2nd cousin Da’Quondre in from LA to check out his homeboy.

  30. If the fan who (inadvertently IMO) hit Murray was wearing a red shirt instead of a gray/silver one I think most people who watch the video would say it was an unfortunate accident. If it was purposeful and malicious, the guy landed one hell of a lucky slap considering his view of Murray was blocked and he did it reaching over the shoulder of a much taller man.

  31. The guy was trying to hug him that was not a blow to the face his hand wasn’t even a fist anybody who thinks that was an act of violence is just not very intelligent.

  32. I was at Levi’s Sunday. Seattle game. I saw a few fights. One ugly one. It’s got nothing to do with teams, cities, fan bases, none of that. It has everything to do with alcohol. Period. There will come a day when alcohol is no longer served at football games.

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