Aaron Jones: I knew I had to show up when my number was called

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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After the Packers lost to the Vikings in Week One, head coach Matt LaFleur said the team did not get the ball to running back Aaron Jones often enough.

That was not a problem against the Bears on Sunday night. Jones went from eight touches to 18 and he picked up 170 yards from scrimmage in a 27-10 Packers win. Jones ran 15 times for 132 yards and caught three passes for 38 yards while scoring two touchdowns for a resurgent Green Bay offense.

Jones told reporters after the game that head coach Matt LaFleur made it clear that he and AJ Dillon would be in line for more work after a quiet opener.

“Coach came out and said it, ‘We’re going to get you and AJ the ball more, get you guys more involved.’ That just naturally put a smile on my face,” Jones said, via the Packers website. “I knew I had to show up when my number was called.”

The Packers had right tackle Elgton Jenkins back in the lineup and all of the changes from Week One worked out well against the Bears. They’ll hope for more of the same in Tampa during a marquee Week Three matchup in the NFC.

11 responses to “Aaron Jones: I knew I had to show up when my number was called

  1. Who would have thought that 2 weeks into the season that Aaron Rodgers would be tied for last place in TD passes in the NFC North with Justin Fields with 2 TD’s after two games. And fields first game was played in miserable weather and a terrible field in Chicago.

    Jared Goff has 6. Jared freaking Goff of the Lions…

    Packer fans, let that sink in…

  2. That’s one game over a bad team. I see regression next week. This will not be a 13-4 team this year. Rodgers is going run run run when he see’s a ferocious pass rush in order to save himself.

  3. As long as GB’s defensive scheme calls for paddy cake up front and instead beating the man across from you all the investment in the front 7 will look as bad as it did against Chicago’s very ordinary runningback. If that doesn’t change 12 and the O won’t matter in the playoffs. They’ve almost never been the problem. By the end of the season the O will figure it out enough. This D however has a long way to go.

  4. Until the passing game gets cleaned up with the young guys at WR and O Line,… the Run Game will be the tool to open up a passing game. Teams expect the Packers and Rodgers to be slinging the ball. They have to make the opponent respect the run game to keep the LB’s and safeties from dropping into coverage.

  5. A very cool moment before the game, Aaron Rodgers was meeting with a young disabled boy and his family as part of one of his Make-A-Wish Foundation events, and Aaron Jones made a point to stop by and share some words and a few photo ops as well.
    Classy as always. 💚💛

  6. Jared Goff has 6. Jared freaking Goff of the Lions…

    Packer fans, let that sink in…
    And Rodgers has 4 NFL MVP’S. Let that sink in. What’s your point?

  7. As a Vikings fan, I don’t really understand why Dillon gets as many carries as he does over Jones. Jones is such a better/more productive/more dangerous runner and receiver. Dillon is pretty ordinary and doesn’t scare anyone.

  8. Montgomery was the best back out there last night. The Bears were just too stupid to give him 40 Carries.

  9. Dillon is pretty ordinary and doesn’t scare anyone.

    He doesn’t need to scare anyone. He’s the chain mover.

    He converted 80% of his short yardage carries for 1st downs last year.

    With the passing game being what it is, I would bet Dillon will get plenty of redzone work this year.

  10. Viking Fan would still take Rodgers for Cousins, right now, today if he could. Let that sink in.

  11. There are bigger backs, faster backs, but the key to Jones is his VISION. He doesn’t need a hole, he finds a crease and explodes through it. Just watch the tape.

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