Dennis Allen on conversation with Marshon Lattimore: He understands he can’t retaliate

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Cornerback Marshon Lattimore was ejected but not suspended for his role in Sunday’s brouhaha between the Saints and Buccaneers. Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans also was ejected and because he pushed Lattimore to the ground, the NFL suspended him for one game, though Evans will appeal.

Saints coach Dennis Allen said he got no explanation from the NFL or officials about why they ejected Lattimore, whose chirping at Tom Brady set off the Bucs. Brady wanted a flag against the Saints and was yelling at officials when Lattimore offered his two cents.

“Look, I don’t understand how they come to the conclusion of what they’re coming to,” Allen said, via video from the team. “Certainly, I felt like what he did was way more egregious than what Marshon did, and it’s the second time that that’s happened, so I’m not sure how they come up with those designations.”

Allen, though, had an individual conversation with Lattimore as well as a talk to the team about the brawl.

“Yeah, he and I had a conversation. Look, he understands,” Allen said. “Yeah, he understands that he can’t retaliate, and that’s something that teams in this league are going to continue to try him on. You look at least a lot of the instances that I can think of [with Lattimore], and it’s generally been a retaliation deal.”

The Saints at least will have Lattimore for Sunday’s game against the Panthers. The Bucs won’t have Evans against the Packers unless an appeals officer overturns his suspension.

8 responses to “Dennis Allen on conversation with Marshon Lattimore: He understands he can’t retaliate

  1. Pushed Lattimore to the ground you say? Really, I wonder what a knockdown looks like if that was a push?

  2. Lattimore is always the instigator, then wondering why he gets disciplined. He should’ve had at least one game.

  3. Lattimore without question is the instigator but why does Evans always have to fall into his trap? What is the man saying to get ME so enraged? Whatever it is, it is working beautifully.

  4. Doesn’t take Einstein to figure out what Lattimore thought of that conversation and its general message.

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