Jalen Hurts throws one TD pass, runs for two as Eagles dominate first half, 24-7

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles are halfway to a 2-0 start.

They dominated the Vikings in the first half, outgaining them 347 yards to 93. The Eagles lead 24-7 at halftime.

The Vikings put together one drive in the first half, going 75 yards on nine plays. They went three-and-out on their other four drives. Kirk Cousins is 9-of-15 for 61 yards and a touchdown, which went to tight end Irv Smith, while Justin Jefferson has three receptions for 24 yards.

Jalen Hurts ran for two touchdowns and threw one in the first half. His touchdown runs covered 3 and 26 yards, and he has 50 yards on seven carries to lead the team.

His touchdown pass was a 53-yard throw to Quez Watkins.

Hurts is 17-of-20 for 251 yards, while Dallas Goedert has four receptions for 74 yards and Watkins two for 69. DeVonta Smith added five receptions for 64 yards.

36 responses to “Jalen Hurts throws one TD pass, runs for two as Eagles dominate first half, 24-7

  1. i really like how the eagles just got back going again after that bum call on smith made them punt after a load of other dodgy ones as well. It”s a great trait to not get rattled ( as the saints did yesterday after the mayhem) and hurts does seem to bring that coolness to the table in his leadership. remain composed and fly eagles fly

  2. I was hopeful that the game plan might be different with the new coach, and after a promising first game. But, yikes.. the Eagles can just do whatever they want against the Vikings. Unfortunate.

  3. The Lions are more entertaining than some of these teams playing tonight. They should get the primetime games

  4. Jalen looks sharp and decisive. Defense looks like they’re playing with intent. It’s only week two, Eagles look good though.

  5. Kirk Cousins will never be able to win a Super Bowl due to the impossibility of winning 3 prime time games in a row. It’s not mathematically possible.

  6. Cousins with the INT on the goal line and it was a 10 yard holding call on the Vikings if he had made the pass. Not the Vikings night so far.

    Let’s go Eagles!

  7. Vikings fans last week: “We’re back baby!”

    The rest of the world: “L0L You were never there!”

  8. The Vikings got lucky against the Packers, it was so obvious. Rodgers always has a couple of games a year that are disasters. Comparatively, the Vikings have 15 games a year that are a disaster.

  9. Cousins is going to need therapy after this game. Gifted a redzone opportunity. He throws one pass that should be easily picked by Slay but is dropped and then throws a second pass at Slay that is picked.

    Cousins should never play on Monday night. If they get another game start the backup.

  10. I said I would want JJ in Atlanta. He’s a great receiver, but I can see what he wouldn’t want to play in Philly. He stinks there.

    Also I don’t want a player who quits at the half. He quit. Learn to be quiet and just play your game. The eagles covered you with one man all night no matter where you lined up. You aren’t there yet.

    But I think you will be.

  11. Vikings were great as annual paper champs. Then reality sets in. Futility at 60 plus years! Pathetic

  12. Vikings peaked in week one with their “Super Bowl” home win against the Packers. Their traditional downward spiral begins earlier this season. By Thanksgiving, the Packers will have their usual lock on the Division..skLOL.

  13. Kirk Cousins padding his stats in the 4th quarter… The Eagles’ defense shut down Jefferson after he talked all that trash.

  14. Boy for all that talk after beating the Packers last week, the Vikings certainly proved one thing. They won their Superbowl and are already looking forward to next season.

  15. Philadelphia must be thanking their lucky stars right now that New England passed on Hurts only to take a weak-armed statue.

  16. Hurts could be the Steelers QB now. Traded their #1 to MIA for a CB though and PHL scooped him up.

  17. Buckle up Eagles fans it’s the Commanders next week I’ve never felt better for a Commanders win , Built ! Nott bought ! Baby!

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