Ja’Marr Chase: Offense needs to make more adjustments during games

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase launched his NFL career with a number of big plays early in the 2021 season and he kept making them all the way to the Super Bowl, but the first two weeks of this season have been quieter.

Chase’s longest gain through two weeks is a 24-yard reception in the season opener and he was held to 54 yards on five catches in Sunday’s 20-17 loss to the Cowboys. The Bengals have seen defenses working to take away the splash plays that the Bengals made so often last year and Chase said on Sunday night that they need to alter their approach in order to get back on track offensively.

“I just think people know how to adjust to us now,” Chase said, via the team’s website. “I feel like we need to learn to make more adjustments in game. Everybody knows what we’re going doing to do now. So everyone knows what to expect when we play.”

Quarterback Joe Burrow concurred with Chase and said the Bengals are “going to have win a different way this year and we need to figure that out quickly so that we can get in the win column.” Those adjustments are made all the more difficult by the protection issues that have also plagued the Bengals through the first two weeks.

With two losses already in the books, there’s no time to waste before making the necessary tweaks in Cincinnati.

11 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase: Offense needs to make more adjustments during games

  1. It’s the o-line. End of story. The new players clearly have not gelled yet. It doesn’t look any more competent than the group that started the Superbowl. Not playing them in the preseason appears to have not been a good decision. At all.

  2. Burrow was under pressure ever second. So all the passes were short and close to the line of scrimmage where all the cowboy defenders were. The pressure the cowboys brought made the ball come out quickly before the receivers got any separation so everyone looked covered. Not sure how you adjust out of that. And once you got behind and had to throw it only got worse. The cowboys rushed 5 over and over. Someone should have been open but there was no time to look.

  3. Chase is right. It’s not survival of the fittest but the most adaptable – the ones with the capacity to change. I’m curious why a) the Bengals coaching staff couldn’t see the heavy Tampa 2 coverages coming after last season and b) why it took so long to adjust to it during the game. A lot could fall on a newly formed (and struggling) offensive line but after a lot of hype/money that’s a tough pill to swallow. All in all, Anarumo and his Defense are doing their job. Offense coaches need to step their game up and get these guys in the right places to win games in a hurry. Taylor likely needs to step away from play calling but he won’t.

  4. Be patient, and ignore the basement trolls. New line, QB with no Pre-season. Bengals will gel soon.

  5. Miami has had bad OL play for years and last season was rock bottom. At least they had a good defense that kept them in games. Bengals not so much.

  6. I can’t think of any comfortable lead they’ve had since the regular season ended last year. They can’t keep playing from behind like they have been. Real cool to have such amazing 2nd halves in the playoffs last year, but not sustainable and obviously makes the offense predictable.

  7. When the offensive line can’t block, the secondary knows the quarterback will be getting rid of the ball quickly and can adjust there positioning closer to the line of scrimmage making for more congestion and tighter throws. I watch every Bengals game. The defense is fine, the kicker is fine, the receivers and Mixon are fine, Burrow is fine, but not having a functioning line brings everything else down with it. It also seems as if they never use a tight end in a blocking roll. Losing 2 games against beatable opponents is unfortunate but at least no other team has gone 2-0 in the division

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