Jaylen Waddle performed “a little remix” on game-winning catch

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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The Dolphins had one of their biggest and most improbable wins in years on Sunday. The victory was sealed by a touchdown pass from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to receiver Jaylen Waddle.

The play included some improvisation from Waddle. Speaking to PFT by phone after Sunday’s victory, he acknowledged that he “added a little remix” to the play that was called.

It was a crossing route, a pick play. He initially went from the left slot to the outside. But then Waddle stopped and cut back to the inside. Tua saw Waddle, and Tua got it to him.

“I kind of added a little remix to it, I’m not gonna lie,” Waddle said. “But like Tua said in the huddle man, it’s us or them right now, and we got the win.”

How did Tua know that Waddle would freelance?

“That’s that chemistry, man,” Waddle said. “That’s that chemistry we got. Him being a ball player, me being a ball player. That’s just how it’s going to roll.”

It helps that they played together at Alabama. It also helps that they now have Tyreek Hill.

“Tyreek’s great,” Waddle said. “A great teammate, great person to look up to, honestly. It’s rare that you’re a fan of someone and when you get to play with him early in your career. He sets the tone not just for the group but for the offense.”

Per the NFL, Hill and Waddle became the first teammates in league history to catch at least 10 passes, gain 150 receiving yards, and score two touchdown receptions in the same game.

“That’s big,” Waddle said. “That’s exciting. For both of us, to be honest. That’s pretty exciting. that’s pretty cool. We’re gonna take it, we gonna move on from it. we try not to soak it in that type of stuff. We got to move on. We got a big task next week.”

Indeed they do. The Dolphins face the Bills in what will be one of the most significant games of Week Three.

10 responses to “Jaylen Waddle performed “a little remix” on game-winning catch

  1. BB is just on another level. His work last weel limiting those WRs was the blueprint. Whinebaugh always thinks he knows better or has another way.

  2. gibson45 says:
    September 19, 2022 at 11:18 am
    Six TD passes for Tua. Can’t wait to hear what his haters have to say today.



  3. Thing is, it could’ve been worse. Baltimore’s TDs were more flukey and the first INT was just luck (and a great play by Marcus Williams), wouldn’t bank on that to happen again.

    The refs tried their hardest to hand Baltimore that game in the first half, ever critical call when against Miami.

    Even the play before Waddle’s GW he was OBVIOUSLY interfered with in the endzone. They weren’t going to call it against Baltimore.

    Byron Jones coming back in two weeks and then ya’ll will see the real cover zero.

  4. It also helps that the Ravens decided that they had no reason to cover Hill or Waddle in the second half

  5. touchback6 says:
    September 19, 2022 at 11:24 am
    BB is just on another level. His work last weel limiting those WRs was the blueprint. Whinebaugh always thinks he knows better or has another way.


    BB provided a blueprint for how to get spanked by Miami.

  6. If somehow Miami can beat Buffalo then the bandwagon will fill up quickly. As a fan I admit I thought the game was over at halftime. But once the momentum flipped I knew they would pull it out

  7. No disrespect to a great Chiefs team but the Bills are the measuring stick in the AFC. Miami will find out where they stand Sunday.

    Fins Up!

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