Jimmy Garoppolo: Return to 49ers offense just like riding a bike

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t expect to be running the 49ers offense this season, but that’s just what he was doing for most of Sunday’s 27-7 win over the Seahawks.

Garoppolo was expected to move on to another team this offseason, but shoulder surgery led to no compelling trade offers and the 49ers opted to sign him to a new contract that kept him in the fold as a backup to Trey Lance. Lance’s season ended when he broke his ankle in the first quarter and Garoppolo is now back in the job he held when he was healthy over the last five seasons.

“Just like riding a bike,” Garoppolo said, via 49ersWebzone.com. “It felt good to be back out there. I feel terrible for Trey. I’ve been on that side of it. This league is tough. Everyone has their share of injuries but that sucks for him. I feel bad for him but he’s our brother and we’ll pick him up. . . . I’m comfortable here. The players, the scheme, all that stuff, the locker room, I’m comfortable. I’m familiar with it. I’m not saying I knew this was going to happen but I was ready for this in case it did happen and just want to take advantage of the opportunity.”

The 49ers went to a Super Bowl and last season’s NFC Championship Game with Garoppolo under center, so his return to the lineup likely won’t lower any expectations for what the team can do this season. Sunday’s win was a step toward reaching them and Garoppolo will try to keep the 49ers moving forward against the Broncos in Week Three.

10 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo: Return to 49ers offense just like riding a bike

  1. Was great to see him swarmed by his teammates as the clock wound down yesterday.

  2. If Jimmy G can stay healthy himself (which is a big if), and the niners have success this season it could make for a very interesting offseason (again).

  3. True! why the 49’ers ever drafted a kid who played 1 year in college is amazing and a big mistake. Put Lance on the bench and roll with Jimmi G. he gives you the best chance to win games unless they are trying to tank.

  4. Why all the hate for him? He hasn’t been hurt really that often and the stats don’t lie. I would take him over my guy Carr in a minute.

  5. That didnt take long. This was actually the best thing SF could have hoped for other than Lance suddenly being great and all but that wasnt going to happen. Lance getting injured and Garoppolo sliding back in (DUE TO INJURY) was really the best thing that could have happened for Lynch and Shanahan. Lance didnt get benched due to poor play. he got injured. out for the year. this year doesnt count towards his progress. The jury is still out. Yes, it may still be a great pick, the jury is still out, we dont know enough yet. But in the meantime they are going to actually win games they would have lost. Not necessarily the Seahawks game, but Jimmy is clearly better and they will certainly win more game with him than they would have with Lance. Talk about a Gm and HC getting lucky.

  6. I’m impressed with JimmyG being able to step back in after no preseason games or first line snaps. He did good and the Seahawks were not prepared to handle the game plan with him at QB. With a week to prepare, I’m interested in what happens in his next game.

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