John Harbaugh: Never did you think we’d have that many balls thrown over our head

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens entered the fourth quarter with a 35-14 after quarterback Lamar Jackson’s 79-yard touchdown run.

At that point, it seemed unfathomable that the Dolphins would make the game competitive — let alone win it.

But Miami scored three touchdowns to tie the game with 5:19 remaining in the fourth quarter. And then with 14 seconds left, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa hit receiver Jaylen Waddle for a game-winning, 7-yard touchdown.

Final score: Miami 42 – Baltimore 38.

The Dolphins were able to get it done in large part because of explosive plays. Tyreek Hill had a 48-yard touchdown and a 60-yard score. Those two drives took less than 90 seconds off the clock and allowed Miami the time to finish off the comeback.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said there were communication issues among the defensive backs that led to the Dolphins’ long pass plays.

“Never did you think we were going to have that many balls thrown over our head,” Harbaugh said in his postgame press conference. “That just can’t happen. That’s not OK. I don’t care who’s back there, [or] what they’re doing. Those plays will cost you a game when you have a lead like that. You can’t have miscommunication. You can’t have a guy running a post behind Cover-3. Those kinds of things can’t happen.”

In the fourth quarter alone, the Dolphins had four plays of at least 20 yards. In all, Miami completed four passes of at least 30 yards downfield with 33, 48, 59, and 60-yard gains.

“All credit goes to the Dolphins. They got the job done in the second half and in the fourth quarter,” Harbaugh said. “It’s going to be one of the biggest comebacks probably in the history of the National Football League, and we’ll give them credit for it.

“We have to own it, every single person. I told the guys in the locker room, ‘How [do] we respond to this? That will be the story.’ We have a 17-game season, this is the second week of the season. What we do from here on out, everyone taking a hard look at what we did — coaches, players, everyone. Calls that we made, plays that we made, plays that we didn’t make, and let’s come out of here a better football team for it and get to work and get ready for the next game against New England in New England.”

18 responses to “John Harbaugh: Never did you think we’d have that many balls thrown over our head

  1. Only scoring 3 points in the 4th quarter and losing the time of possession battle didn’t exactly help.

  2. You saw it everywhere the past few weeks. Either the league cannot find smart players or the schemes/defenseive play calls are bad. How is there “miscommunication” on a Cover 3 zone? Literally TAKE the deepest route and let others worry about the underneath routes.

    It seems there’s an inefficiency in modern defenses and modern offenses have figured it out and the D-coordinators haven’t come up with a solution. (See Browns two weeks in a row, Raiders, etc.) When offenses are clicking in the NFL today, points come in bunches.

    I suppose with the current rules, though, offenses were bound to do this. Certainly makes for a more exciting product to sell.

  3. As a Dolphins’ fan, this was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from them, probably the best since the Wildcat game in 2008. Harbaugh is right though- the Ravens played very well for three quarters and it’s a long season. If it wasn’t for Tua’s amazing game, we’d all be praising Jackson for his incredible performance against a tough Miami D. Let’s just enjoy it for what it was- a game that both sides will remember for years.

  4. How does he not challenge that TD? Clearly out of bounds
    Also take points when they are in front of you……
    Bottom line is secondary can’t get torched for big plays when up by 21.
    Prevent D

  5. That’s what Dolphins fans thought a few years ago when the Ravens torched the fins in the first game of the season.

  6. If you watched the whole game by the third quarter the ravens where gassed bad and the rest is history

  7. This is more about Big Mo catching the Dolphins team in entirety and not about the Ravens defense collapsing and offense fizzling out in the 4th. It’s like a player being “in the zone.” Not the first time its happened in-game and won’t be the last.

  8. You didn’t think with the receivers that Miami has that there might be a chance for deep balls being thrown? Then again, you still think Lame is a QB.

  9. Ravens defensive backs traveled a total of 6,131 yards on pass plays over the course of the game, the most by a DB group in a game since the start of last season.

    Next Gen Stats

    Mid 80s in Baltimore has nothing on Miami.

  10. At least he went undefeated in preseason. Good luck beating the Chiefs or Bills in the playoffs.

  11. touchback6 says:
    September 19, 2022 at 2:22 pm
    Yet BB showed you the blueprint the week before. Pure arrogance.


    the blueprint of how to lose 20-7??

  12. Harbaugh is one of the most arrogant and overrated head coaches ever. I’ll grant him that Super Bowl win was great– very, very few get to that level. But since that SB he’s missed the playoffs in 5 of the next 9 years. Not just lost out early, but didn’t even make it. And of course we all know how the playoffs have gone since they built this offense around Lamar Jackson.

  13. Miami deserved it, with great performances on both sides. In years past, Baltimore would have iced the game by running out the clock in the 4th quarter. No O-Line, no winning season, regardless of who is running the ball. Baltimore has excellent skill position players and significantly lack at the O-Line and D-Line. They may also have the worst set of linebackers in the league except for Houston.

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